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4chan, /pol/ and Hackers Are Turning Against SJWs In The Culture Wars

My money is on 4chan, the hackers, and /pol/.

Briefly, 4chan is an online community - a message board - dating back to 2003,  used for social interaction such as sharing images and messages. 4chan is still very strong despite the rise of other social media. More on why later. It's divided into subsections which use the old DOS-style directory marker: the front slash, or "/". If you inhabited the bulletin board systems of the 1980s and '90s this will look familiar to you. /pol/ is a subsection of 4chan for "politically incorrect".

So why does 4chan and /pol/ remain strong for free speech? It  hasn't been taken over by the regimented, scolding social justice warriors like other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.). In fact, the users of 4chan appear for the most part to be full-throated defenders of freedom who seem to want to keep this a bastion of uncontrolled political incorrectness.  What a great thing!

Tim Pool, a YouTuber who provides commentary and news on current topics, muses in a recent vlog about the shift in politics in the hacker community. In his video, Tim observes that he sees the hacker community turning away from the raging regressive SJW left. Most of the gaming community has, too, and is fighting SJW content insertion tooth and nail - see GamerGate. (start at 6:56 to bypass Quinn's speech. F-bomb warning.)  GamerGate, in fact, has been credited with coining the term "social  justice warrior".

The struggles of these two communities doesn't reflect a "left vs. right" paradigm, but more an "authoritarian vs. libertarian" one. After listening to Tim's commentary - which is worthwhile; he is not a hard-liner for any side of the political spectrum - be sure to read the comments. Understand that many of his commenters are under the age of 21 - the mysterious Gen Z.

"But Firesign," you might say, "these 4chan and /pol/ denizens are all hackers and left-wing, aren't they? These are the Anonymous hackers?"

No. That's not entirely correct. While it can be argued that Anonymous originated from 4chan inhabitants, it is not correct to equate the two. However, both Anonymous and the larger 4chan user group exhibit strong anti-SJW actions. In fact, a trend has started in what I call the "dank web."

  • "Dank web" is my term for the users of the un-indexed part of the internet populated by younger people largely outside of the fluffy "GUI" social media platforms, and also outside of the criminal elements of the truly "dark web". This is where 4chan and private boards live. 
  • What is "dank": see here on reddit.  

Social justice is seen as oppression, rigidity, boring, unfunny; and these mostly young men, engaging in normal hijinks and one-upsmanship, are chafing against the scolding, social restrictions and policing of speech which SJWs enforce. They rebel and find themselves moving to the right because that is where they are free to express themselves, have fun and be as politically incorrect as they wish.

And they are as politically incorrect as young people with virtually no restrictions under the veil of anonymity can be.

The result of this gamer/hacker backlash against SJWs is a high-tech war using sleuthing techniques worthy of the CIA, humor and truth bombs via meme, and cultural separation from the regressive left. (example: The Kekistani movement)

Many have openly supported Trump, although they don't support most other establishment politicians (wake up there, GOP! Gen Z is not your fan.)

This situation should deeply worry the regressive left,  because it provides a marvelous, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for conservatives, classical liberals and libertarians to reach out and join with Gen Z and anti-SJW gamers. Gen Z is not about following a leader and they are quite conservative politically - also known as "red-pilled" (from the movie The Matrix). This is a marvelous thing. These are qualities that their older siblings and parents in the millennial group lack. These are qualities which will help them resist the regressive left that captured most of our twenty- and thirtysomethings.

But don't take my word for it. Read what they are saying themselves.
Oh, and they love Milo and Paul Joseph Watson.
Suddenly the future looks much rosier.

A slight foray into my background might help provide context for my interest in this subject. I've been a computer professional most of my adult life, going pretty far back to early days of DOSand early internet ("DARPANET").  Fast forward to today and I am in the field of cybersecurity risk. Soooo... any change in the mood of Anonymous is of some interest to me. Also, any change in the political mind-set of this nation's youth is of interest to me as a political activist who care about our future generations.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Clinton Body Count

People who wander afoul of the Clintons and their foundation tend to die. Many have died of poisoning. Lead poisoning. Vince Foster, Seth Rich, and this fellow recently from Haiti, Klaus Eberwein. Mr. Eberwein was set to testify tomorrow against the Clinton Foundation. Ooops! That's apparently been a fatal decision for him. Mr. Eberwein was found dead with a suicide note that weirdly claimed that no foul play was involved and that his life insurance was running out so he decided to kill himself to collect on it. Yeah, sounds very normal, right?  Do you know of any life insurance policy that pays out on a suicide? I don't, either.

Mr. Eberwein had previously indicated his life was in danger. The Dade County, FL medical examiner said the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and ruled it a suicide.

It's worth reviewing the list of bodies associated with the Clintons and/or the Clinton Foundation. The link may not work (it was very slow to load) so the image is reproduced below. There is a lot of small print - apologies, I'm not the author. The important thing to notice is the sheer number of people who have ended up dead in suspicious circumstances involving the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, over several decades. It is a very, very good thing that there is no Clinton in the Oval Office today. 

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Rebooting the Blog

The last several years have been.... I guess you can call it a "growth period" where I had to learn a lot of things and unlearn a lot of things. During this process I did not know what to say or even how to say it on the blog. I didn't think about the blog very much, and when I did, the words just were not there.

Fortunately God has been very good and has not only seen me through the process but given me a new focus and restored my energy for writing. He has also blessed me with many new friends who have enriched me and expanded my thinking. It is  wonderful thing to meet people who know a lot more than you in subjects that you never even considered, and can bring it back in fresh ways to frame today's social, political and economic climate.

I've also spent time learning about Gen Z. I am thinking of ways to include this fascinating and politically savvy group in the blog.  Education - including primary, secondary and post-secondary - seems to be a topic of much interest with Gen Z, and it's also a major focus of my interest now, so expect a significant amount of new content on this topic.

This is going to be a short post. More later. Thank you for your patience.

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Obama Broke Law With Bergdahl Swap

Feds: Obama Broke Law With Bergdahl Swap

President Obama violated a “clear and unambiguous” law when he released five Guantanamo Bay detainees in exchange for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the Government Accountability Office reported Thursday. “[The Department of Defense] violated section 8111 because it did not notify the relevant congressional committees at least 30 days in advance of the transfer,” the GAO report said.

Prisoner swaps, Obamacare, immigration, IRS intimidation when will this guy stop his lawlessness?

Debbie Wass-her-name Shultz Accidentally Tells the Truth About 0bama

Mental Midget Wasserman-Schultz can't keep her metaphor straight in this classic error, showing she absolutely, positively, has the IQ of a potato. Sorry to insult potatoes. 

From Independent Journal Review

We’re guessing that this was a mistake on her part, but that doesn’t mean that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL and DNC Chairwoman) wasn’t telling the truth:
(House Republicans) will be voting for the first time in American history to sue the President of the United States for doing his job.
And doing his job actually less often, and a rate that is lower than any President since Grover Cleveland.

It’s an interesting choice to compare Obama with Cleveland. Mostly forgotten, the Democrat Cleveland was well-known at the time for actively attacking the political machines of the day, was criticized for being an anti-cronyist who was very pro-marketplace instead of merely pro-business, lowered taxes, felt it was immoral for the federal government to take from some citizens to redistribute to others, and when unemployment was 18% his solution was to address inflation instead of meddle with business.

On the other hand, given the scandals over the IRS and Benghazi, the complete destruction of any sense of leadership in international affairs, a questionable economic recovery despite castigating business for immorality, that a percentage of Americans not working that is larger than ever before, and so on, it actually might be better for the country if Barack Obama worked even less.

Watch Kevin Jackson's Masterful Education of Young Progressive Democrat Union Member

One for the ages. The expression on the young SEIU member's face is priceless.

"What have the unions done for me?"
"You're a Democrat? That's worse." 
"When I get up in the morning I don't look outside for help; I look in the mirror."

Flirting with Obamacare: At Least One Governor of an Opt-Out State is Applying for Federal Obamacare Grant

Might want to keep an eye out for this in your state: Is your governor flirting with Obamacare money?

Governor Fallin Applies for Federal Grant Provided by Obamacare

Published August 21, 2014 by WARREN VIETH (Oklahoma Watch-NewsOK)
Gov. Mary Fallin has applied to participate in an Affordable Care Act program designed to help states develop innovative models for delivering care and reducing costs for participants in Medicaid, Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
In a story posted on July 31, Oklahoma Watch reported inaccurately that the state had chosen not to participate in the State Innovation Models grant program. The inaccuracy was caused by a series of miscommunications between Oklahoma Watch and the governor’s office.
Fallin’s grant application is significant because it suggests she is willing to pursue federal funding opportunities provided by the Affordable Care Act despite her opposition to two of its key components: Medicaid expansion and creation of a state-run health exchange.
In an application dated July 18, Fallin requested $3 million, the maximum amount allowed for the type of grant the state is seeking, to develop an Oklahoma State Innovation Model based on “health system innovation that makes good business sense.”
The grant application targets four pervasive health problems: obesity, diabetes, hypertension and tobacco use. It notes that Oklahoma has high rates of deaths caused by heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.
“In a time of great confusion and transition in health care, our state’s citizens, businesses and health care providers need to be engaged and supported in improving health,” Fallin wrote to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Read more at link provided 

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More from Tea Party Patriots "Topline" Today, Aug. 20 2014

Poll: Most Oppose Obama’s Immigration Plan, Back Tougher Border Enforcement

New data from a Republican pollster shows most likely voters oppose the idea of letting President Barack Obama reshape immigration rules on his own, and support tougher immigration measures backed by conservative Republicans. … While Democrats have said Hispanics support this sort of action from Obama, the Conway poll finds that most people want tougher enforcement of U.S. immigration law, including Hispanics. “75 percent want more enforcement of current immigration laws, including 63 percent of Hispanics and over 50 percent of Democrats,” according to a summary section of its findings. “While President Obama is underwater in his job approval (57-40 percent), an even greater margin (two-thirds) of Americans disapprove of his handling of immigration,” it added. “This includes one of his key constituencies, Hispanics, who disapprove of his job performance on immigration by 55 to 39 percent.”

Looks like Obama supporters have become the incredible shrinking constituency.


Boehner's Troubles With House Conservatives May Only Get Worse

Glenn Grothman is a fiery conservative who wants to slash welfare programs and crack down on illegal immigrants who he says will "destroy" America. And if U.S. House Speaker John Boehner wants to keep his job next year, he had better be sure Grothman and his fellow House of Representatives newcomers are happy. Grothman, the expected winner in a tight Republican primary for the right to succeed 73-year-old Representative Thomas Petri in Wisconsin, is one of more than a dozen vocal conservatives gunning to replace more moderate or pragmatic retiring House Republicans in November's midterm elections.

See what happens when a Speaker ignores the voice of the people?  It ain’t pretty folks.

Jenny Beth Martin in IBD: Obama Playing ‘Long-Ball’ on Executive Amnesty

From Tea Party Patriots


Stuff You Need to Know for Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jenny Beth Martin in IBD:  Obama Playing ‘Long-Ball’ on Executive Amnesty

The breadth, intensity and uniformity of opposition to amnesty is striking and suggests that support for it is anathema to any political party or politician on the ballot this November. Yet in spite of overwhelming antipathy on the issue, we continue hearing that Obama is prepared to take unilateral action despite all indications of great political risk. … But would Obama actually sacrifice the prospects of the Democratic Party on the altar of amnesty? Absolutely. It's called Long Ball — focusing on the long-term impact of something rather than the immediate or near-term consequences.

The prospective immigrant beneficiaries of Obama's executive amnesty are not engineers from India with graduate degrees. They are predominantly low-education, low-skill people who broke the law to enter the U.S. They are prime candidates for expanding the American welfare state and are guaranteed to vote Democrat in vast numbers. And yes, they will vote; only the naive believe otherwise.

This is your must-read column of the day and a great interview for your illegal immigration coverage!

News from South Texas: Courtesy of Raging Elephants Radio

News from South Texas
Courtesy of Raging Elephants Radio
Listen for more "El Conservador" at RER Central. 

Honduras' Ambassador visits see if the US is treating Hondurans properly!

Hypocrisy and Chutzpah Hit New Heights in South American Contingent 


Illegal Aliens involved in crime on the border
But they are just here for work - to do the jobs that lazy Americans won't do! 


Gang Violence on the Border

Another liberal do-gooder scheme gone wrong? No, a deliberate attempt to bring America down - starting with Texas 


Kidnappings in Mexico Affect the Border Situation 

The number of kidnappings in Mexico surge to the highest level EVER on record. So, tell me again why this cruddy 2-bit nation and its corruptocrats and cartels can tell the US anything about how to run a country? 


Pro-Illegal Immigration advocate detained
It's about time.  

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uly 25, 2014 by 
Nota del autor: 522 años después haber sido expulsados de Europa con la caída del reino de Granada, en España, en 1492, los fundamentalistas islámicos logran de nuevo su ancestral objetivo de establecer un califato desde el cual desatar una yihad de exterminio contra todos los “infieles” que no rindan culto a su Dios. El pasado 29 de junio los terroristas del Estado Islámico de Irak y Siria anunciaron el cambio de nombre de su organización por Estado Islámico. El cambio de nombre fue acompañado por la declaración de un
Los peregrinos que desembarcaron en 1620 en Plymouth Rock en busca de libertad de culto para sus respectivas religiones imprimieron un sello de tolerancia que ha sido piedra angular de la legislación y de la cultura política de los Estados Unidos hasta nuestros días. Y nadie en su sano juicio negaría que esa tolerancia es una virtud, un síntoma de madurez ciudadana y un sistema ideal para preservar la paz en cualquier sociedad que aspire a ser considerada como civilizada.
Por desgracia, el mundo del Siglo XXI no es el de 1620. En los últimos 25 años el mundo ha experimentado un resurgimiento de la intolerancia religiosa por parte de minorías agresivas dentro del Islam que utilizan la violencia y el terrorismo como armas de intimidación y conquista. La primera manifestación de este modo de operación tuvo lugar en 1993 durante la masacre de Mogadishu, en Somalia, donde 1000 personas—entre ellas 18 soldados norteamericanos—perdieron la vida a manos de turbas enardecidas por líderes musulmanes.
Leer más aquí:



Lo que está ocurriendo en Irak tiene visos de convertirse en un drama histórico que acabe con dos comunidades con unas raíces en esta tierra que se remontan a más de 2.000 años. Bajo el régimen del terror, los islamistas del Estado Islámico están poco a poco consiguiendo su objetivo de ‘limpiar’ a su paso todo rastro de todo aquello que suene a cristiano o a yazidí. Estas dos minorías religiosas están siendo literalmente masacradas y sólo ante unas matanzas y una barbarie pocas veces vista la comunidad internacional se ha lanzado a intentar frenar lo que se está convirtiendo en un genocidio.
Este sábado, los yihadistas mataban a sangre fría a más de 700 yazidíes al negarse a convertirse al islam. Además, los terroristas se llevaron a las mujeres y a los niños de estas comunidades. Este tipo de masacres se están convirtiendo en algo normal. Un día les toca a los cristianos y otro día a ellos.
Este estado de terror y las abominables modos de acosar y asesinar del Estado Islámico ha provocado la huida de cientos de miles de iraquíes, que intentan llegar a las zonas seguras del Kurdistán o a Bagdad, en muchos casos como una mera escala para salir del país que les vio nacer. Este éxodo ha provocado además una gran crisis humanitaria. Los que no mueren o son sometidos a manos de los islamistas deben sufrir las temperaturas de más de 50 grados, la falta de agua y de comida. Y por ende la muerte.

Leer más aquí::

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August 12, 2014 by 

President Obama over the weekend said he could have done more to stop the violence in Iraq if it were not for the Iraqi government’s refusal to let some U.S. troops stay after 2011 and the failure of the U.S. intelligence community to forecast the severity of the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) terrorist group.
These statements are just the latest examples of this president’s incompetence on foreign policy and boundless mendacity.
Most experts believe there is a good chance Prime Minister Maliki could have been dissuaded from crackdowns by his security forces against Iraqi Sunnis which caused sectarian tensions to explode since early 2012  and contributed to the rise of ISIS if the United States had left behind a small contingent of troops to perform training and limited counter-terrorism operations after the formal withdrawal of U.S. forces in late 2011.
The President is claiming he wanted to leave some U.S. troops behind in Iraq after 2011 but was prevented from doing so by the Iraqi government because a status of forces agreement could not be reached due to Baghdad’s refusal to grant legal immunity to U.S. troops.
The truth is that the Obama administration didn’t try very hard to resolve this issue and used it as an excuse to withdraw all U.S. troops by the end of 2011.  The Obama administration dragged its feet on talks with the Iraqi government to ensure a status of forces agreement would not be reached before the December 2011 withdrawal deadline.  President Obama also insisted that if an agreement was reached it would have to be approved by the Iraqi Parliament and not just with Prime Minister Maliki.  This created an obstacle that probably could not have been overcome before the withdrawal deadline.....

Read the continued article at

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Commentary about the immigration system in the United States

Commentary on the Immigration Situation in the US
By George Rodriguez, Raging Elephants Radio and South Texas Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots

Grassroots conservatives recognize there is a big need to fix the broken immigration system in the United States. However, unlike the liberals and Democrats, we do NOT believe in a “comprehensive” solution or approach.  We believe the immigration problems are complex and they need to be address issue by issue, point by point.

  1. We must first address the issue of border security and law enforcement. We must stop the flow of illegal entry into the U.S. before we discuss any further issue. The reason we have an immigration problem, is because we have too many illegal aliens in our country. We must first stop the flow and entry before we do anything else.
  2. We must review those industries that claim they need foreign workers to determine how to best address their needs so it does not impact negatively on American workers.
  3. Any foreign or guest workers program must be coupled with welfare reform because there are many able bodied Americans who could be working, but choose to be on welfare. Welfare benefits must be for the needy and American jobs must be Americans first and foreign workers second.
  4. We cannot let America become an “orphanage” to the world, where children are left at our doorstep to be raised by the tax payers. The “Dreamers” were brought to the U.S. as minors by alien adults who broke the law, and the American tax payer should not be left holding the bag. Dreamers should be give a onetime consideration based on their individual merits. After that, any minors brought here illegally must be returned to family in their country of origin.
  5. We must stop giving foreign assistance to nations that contribute our immigration problems. The American tax payer must NOT pay for foreign aid AND support the illegal aliens (Dreamers, criminals, detainees, whomever) in U.S. who are not accepted back by the nation of origin.  Those nations who are NOT willing to take back their criminal aliens must be charged by the U.S. for housing/jailing criminal aliens from their country.
  6. The entire immigration process and bureaucracy must be reviewed and revised to make it faster and fairer. Too many applicants are left in a bureaucratic limbo because of the process.
  7. We must review and clarify the 14th Amendment of the Constitution which some people feel allows automatic citizenship for anyone born in the U.S. regardless of the status of their parents. We feel the children of illegal residents should NOT receive automatic citizenship if born in the U.S.
  8. We oppose amnesty or a “pathway to citizenship” to anyone who willfully and willingly entered the U.S. illegally. We may consider supporting a temporary residence status, but not full citizenship which includes the right to vote.
  9. Immigration is NOT a Hispanic issue. It is not about race or ethnicity, but about the security of America’s borders which is the right of every nation. 
  10. We must not be frightened or be intimidated into accepting an ObamaCare style legislation that no one reads or understands.  

Comentario sobre el sistema de inmigración en los Estados Unidos

George Rodriguez
- Coordinador Estatal del Sur de Texas para los Patriotas del Tea Party y ex Presidente del Tea Party de San Antonio
- Comentarista conservador en Raging Elephants Radio, un podcast directo en Internet, y escritor de opinión en varios periódicos del sur de Texas.

Reconocemos la necesidad de arreglar el sistema roto de inmigración en los Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, no vamos de acuerdo con los liberales y demócratas que apoyan una solución "integral". Nosotros creemos que los problemas de la inmigración son complejos y tienen que ser averiguados separados y punto por punto.

1. El primer punto que debe abordarse es la seguridad de las fronteras y la aplicación de las leyes corrientes de inmigración. Tenemos que detener el chorro de ilegales  que entran a los Estados Unidos cada día. Tenemos por lo menos 12 millones de inmigrantes ilegales en Estados Unidos y no podemos permitir que entren más. Tenemos que asegurar que la frontera y identificar a todas a las personas que ya están aquí ilegalmente. También debemos hacer que se cumpla la ley de sanciones en contra de negocios que ocupan inmigrantes ilegales. Estos tienen que ser los primeros pasos.

2. Hay que revisar las industrias que dicen que necesitan trabajadores extranjeros. Tenemos que determinar cual es la mejor solución para las necesidades de esos negocios.
3. También debemos de incluir una reforma del los programas  de bienestar con un programa de trabajadores extranjeros porque hay muchos ciudadanos estadounidenses que podría estar trabajando, pero eligen al bienestar sobre un trabajo honesto. Los beneficios de seguridad social deben ser para los que verdaderamente son necesitados y no para los perezosos o flojos.

4. Debemos abordar el tema de los menores que entra a los Estados Unidos ilegalmente a caso los adultos que los traen. El problema de los “dreamers” no es un problema criado por los Estados Unidos, sino resulta porque un adulto quebró la ley con un menor. Ese problema se tiene que resolver entre el adulto y el menor quien es  victima del crimen cometido por el adulto. No podemos dejar que América se convierta en un país donde dejan a los niños en nuestra puerta para que sean criados por los contribuyentes.

5. Debemos dejar de ayudar a naciones extranjeras que contribuyen sus ciudadanos como inmigrantes ilegales a los Estados Unidos.  El contribuyente estadounidense no debe pagar para ayuda a la nación y también a sus ciudadanos indocumentados que están aquí.

6. Las naciones extranjeras que no están dispuestos a recuperar sus ciudadanos criminales también deben ser cobrados por los Estados Unidos por mantenerlos encarcelados aquí en este país. No debemos de ayudarles a los países que no nos ayudan.

7. El proceso entero de inmigración y la burocracia deben ser revisados para crear un proceso mas limpio, más rápido y más justo.

8. Debemos revisar y clarificar la enmienda número 14 de la Constitución que algunas personas dicen que permite la ciudadanía automática para cualquier persona que nace en los Estados Unidos. Creemos que los hijos de residentes ilegales no deben recibir la ciudadanía automática si nacen en los Estados Unidos.

9. Estamos opuestos a cualquier forma de amnesia para cualquier persona que entro al país ilegalmente. Pueden recibir permiso temporal, pero no la ciudadanía no.

10. Creemos que todos los inmigrantes a los Estados Unidos deben asimilarse y mezclarse en este país, y no tratar de crear su país extranjero aquí porque eso causa división para el país y la sociedad. Queremos que todos los que vienen a este país aprecien su historia, su sistema de gobierno, y sus leyes.