Sunday, November 12, 2017

America Needs Tax Reform Now!


I have sent the following letter to several online and print news outlet editors. 

Fixing our outdated, loophole-laden, job-killing tax code is long overdue.  If we don’t pass tax reform now, we may be stuck with this economy-killing tax code for years, which would be devastating for many reasons: 
  1. The tax code is overly-complicated, a time-waster, and a drain on the economy.
  2. Americans want a flatter tax code with fewer brackets; simpler, with less need to employ accountants.
  3. The current tax code reduces opportunity and wages.
  4. Most Americans favor tax reform that moves our nation forward.
  5. The proposed tax reform will make this country more attractive to businesses.
  6. The House tax bill addresses many serious tax code problems, including high tax rates for corporations, and incentives for businesses to move abroad.
Those in high-tax states are concerned about losing SALT (state and local tax) deductions. But really, why should low-tax states underwrite high-tax states? We in high-tax states should hold our state officials accountable. An overall improvement in the national economy will help all Americans, even those in high-tax states.  

Let's hope the House passes a working tax reform quickly next week, and that the Senate will pass it when they return. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Establishment Trying But Failing To Destroy Judge Roy Moore

Here we go again! With a month left, there is a bimbo eruption in the Alabama senate race.

Accusations came out last week against Judge Roy Moore. Forty (yes, 40) years ago, supposedly he had indiscretions with juveniles. Who could at this point corroborate such things? Where is the evidence? FORTY years ago. And zero evidence. And, suspiciously, one month before the critical election.

We've been here before. With Clarence Thomas in 1991. With Herman Cain in 2011. A similar thing happened to Barack Obama's 2004 Illinois state senate GOP opponent Jack Ryan (in this case embarrassing, but not criminal, details emerged from sealed divorce documents which suddenly became "unsealed" and leaked to the press). All just weeks before an election (or a confirmation, in Justice Thomas' case.)

  • Conservative runs for a key public office
  • Accusations of sexual misconduct surface after many years against the conservative candidate 
  • Press and Democrats clutch pearls and call for candidate to resign immediately 
  • Conservative candidate folds and goes home
  • Democrats win election and/or foil the nomination 

Do people have no memory of these things?

But no matter that it's entirely unbelievable, very predictable and absolutely unproven. Cue up the establishment outrage machine which is calling for Moore, Republican Senate candidate in Alabama, to "step aside". Step aside for whom? Hey, anyone remember that weird concept of "innocent until proven guilty"? Judge Moore has not been found guilty of any crime. The allegations are unproven. And to his credit, he has stuck by his story of innocence and isn't running away from the race.

This only happens to conservative candidates. Where is the outrage against corrupt Senator Menendez of New Jersey who has used his office for pay-to-play and sexual forays involving prostitutes, some of them underage? Nary a peep from the lamestream media who have completely ignored the scandal and the ongoing trial. No calls to step down. No shame at all. No publicity, no attention, no public outrage. See the pattern? The media ignores it and the sheeple do too.

The reaction among establishment Republicans to the accusations against Judge Moore is predictable and laughable: denouncing and running away. Spineless and gutless. Write down their names; these are the people to drive out of Washington. Recall them if you can in your state. Vote them out next term if you can't recall them. They should not hold any elected role, even dog-catcher, much less remain in the Senate for another term.

  • Are you telling me that in the last forty years, none of these women have thought to bring this up? Judge Moore has run for state Senate and also has been a federal judge. 
  • Are you telling me that all of these women decided to bring it up at the same time? Just happening to be one month before a highly-important senatorial election where the Democrats are desperate to flip the seat
  • Are you telling me that it's just a coincidence with only a month left in the campaign that these forty-year-old accusations are brought up, all at the same time, the same charge by five different women? 

The special election is to be held Dec. 12.
Does anyone smell a rat here? Five, to be exact? Is anyone looking into their bank deposits in the last few weeks? Offshore accounts?
Who is representing these women - Gloria Allred? Lisa Bloom?

How is it that an actual rapist, Bill Clinton, whom Congress impeached, was not told to "step down", "step aside", or "resign"?

This is how the Democrat party and the Washington Establishment Republicans work. They are both on the same side. The Establishment GOP would rather the Democrats win than the principled, non-swamp Judge Moore. Judge Moore is an existential threat to the Establishment of both parties. That's why they are calling for him to step aside -- with absolutely NO due process or any evidence supporting the claims. The stories and backgrounds of these accusers are already falling apart under scrutiny.

The Senate has pulled funding from Judge Moore's campaign. Yes, just from the accusations. Slimeballs Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, once the darlings of constitutional conservatives, have turned coat and are following Mitch McConnell down back into the swamp. What disappointments.

Yet, fortunately, the vast majority of Judge Moore's voters are staying with him. Some independent journalists are telling the truth. Conservative voters have become a lot smarter and are not falling for Democrat and Establishment GOP tricks. Especially one as timeworn and predictable as this.

Meanwhile, real perverts and abusers in Hollywood are being outed. I'm sure the lamestream media is happy to have a distraction from that temporarily.

Notice that the Russia story and the year-long false claims of "collusion" (which, by the way is not a crime) somehow within the Trump campaign, has left the front pages.

Always look at what has fallen out of the news cycle. The media lie to you all the time, every day, nonstop. If they ever tell the truth it is accidental and then quickly wiped out.

Judge Moore will be an excellent Senator. These false allegations should have no bearing on this campaign.

Why Christians Should Value Free Speech

Yes, I'm a Christian. But my fellow Christians often confound me. Like these who value free speech less than religious freedom. Don't these Christians understand that free speech is what directly allows freedom of religion? This is why the First Amendment, protecting free speech,is even there. There's a reason why it's the first. 

If this article is to be considered typical, then it seems many Christians don't understand our Christian duty to evangelize, nor the value of free speech to that duty. 

As believers, we are called by Jesus to go and teach others the Gospel of Jesus Christ. About our sin and the sacrifice of our Redeemer. Free speech is extremely valuable to that activity. 

We Christians must be out there in the plaza of public opinion, speaking out against sin. And to teach that salvation is only through Jesus Christ

People do not like hearing this. They tend to want to shut you down. (See what they did to Saint John the Baptizer, Saint Stephen, and countless others through time.)  

Without freedom of speech, religious liberty suffers. If there is no protection of speech, then a pastor teaching one Sunday about original sin and the promise of salvation through Jesus, may be arrested if someone in the audience is offended and tells the police. This actually happens around the world. Every day, Christians are persecuted and even martyred for their faith - not limited to pastors, but also for those just having a Bible or professing their faith, or in some cases, just suspected of being a Christian. 

How can religious liberty prosper without freedom of speech? Answer: It can't, without miraculous intervention. Miracles do happen. However, is the Gospel of Christ well-served by Christians who do not defend the rights we have already by vigorously proclaiming the Gospel? 

Political correctness, also known as "cultural Marxism", is causing Christians to stop teaching the truth about sin and salvation. Christian religious teaching now must be couched in "socially acceptable" terms, which creates a watered-down Gospel, not the gospel of Christ, else we may "offend" someone. 

When Christians gathered to worship cannot even speak freely within the church itself, is this religious liberty? Obviously, no. 

Religious speech in America, particularly political speech, has been censored voluntarily by churches in exchange for "tax-exempt status". Interestingly, this is less true in black churches, where pastors talk politics all the time (from personal experience in a local black Baptist church and visiting a local AME church). I recall in my Bible that Jesus threw the money-changers out of the synagogue. Seeking to keep tax-exempt status has led many churches to view the government, and specifically the IRS, as a more important "master" than God. These churches seem to teach not the Gospel, but a heresy called the "green gospel" - a "new thought" globalist feel-good construct which proclaims love and peace, rarely mention sin or its consequences, and may not even teach that there is one God. 

Mainstream, major church denominations have mostly all been affected by this self-censorship to some degree. 

So we see that without freedom of speech there is no religious liberty

The reason progressives can speak so loudly with impunity is that Christians aren't speaking out loudly in response against practices that are harmful and sinful. Progressives attack, and Christians shrink away, praying but then not rebutting falesehoods. 

We may not like all the things other people say under their protected right of free speech. That isn't our role, to like what everyone says. Our role is to speak the truth in love and bring in the flock. If you don't like someone else's speech, rebut it.  But if you call for shutting it down then you are participating in censoring yourself one day.  

Oh, that'll never happen, right? Wrong. It already is, even in the US. Censorship has a long history, particularly regarding religious speech. 

In the US we have a protected right to free speech; it's the basic reason our country was founded. So we Christians had better start speaking up and telling the public the truth from our lips and from the pulpits. We must be the salt of the earth and light of the world. 

Else we will lose the liberty we have being silent, worrying about tax status, living in fear that we may offend someone, watering down the Gospel to a pablum which saves no one. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

How To Fight The Loony Ideologues

A friend on Facebook, who is a very good blogger (Fausta Rodriguez Wertz, Fausta's Blog) posted this on her feed. It's worth spreading around to people who are trying to fight the loony ideologues with logic and facts. That approach won't change their minds. In their minds, the end justifies the means and therefore all means are honorable if they achieve the end goal. And the personal identity gained by those means, which give them a sense of honor, noble-ness, and achievement, is what these loony ideologues hunger for -  actually, crave.

You fight the ideologues by (1) ensuring the next generation reads the classical texts without the social justice spin, depriving them of fresh victims; and (2) providing a different ideology ("narrative").


Robert Bidinotto
1 hr
WHAT "VIRTUE-SIGNALING" IS REALLY ALL ABOUT. I'm pulling this from its buried spot in the comment thread of my previous post on the NFL, because it has much more general implications.
I take this NFL controversy as a big, fat, giant footnote for everything I have written about the overriding importance of the quest for meaning, purpose, identity, and self-image in people's lives -- a quest that can trump considerations of money, career success, popularity, and other "practical" factors.
Yes, this course is suicidal for entities such as the NFL, ESPN, and the players participating in these exercises in "virtue signaling." But -- and this is crucially important to grasp -- these people have linked in their minds their core sense of Selfhood with the specific tenets of leftist dogma. And so when they suffer financially for their loyalty to these dogmas, they feel VIRTUOUS. They feel like martyred saints. Because this is all about feeling like heroes, in their own concussed skulls. They feel self-righteously defiant about this, because their cause isn't really police brutality or racial inequality or any of the bumper stickers du jour. Their real cause is to demonstrate to *themselves* that they are people with a Cause. They are no longer mere football players, or entertainers: They are Significant in their own minds. They have a mission, a purpose, an identity beyond football.
This is about the supreme, all-important power of a positive self-image in people's lives. No one can live easy with the image of being a loser or louse. All people -- even criminals, even the worst despots -- need to sanctify what they are doing with excuses: with some theory or story that justifies it in their own minds.
That brings us to the role of "Narratives" and ideologies in our lives. The Narrative is a primitive, core morality play that purports to explain or reflect the truth about how the world works, and our personal meaning, purpose, and identity within the world. We all acquire a core Narrative, from childhood. Many of us buttress them in adulthood with ideologies and theories, to lend our Narratives intellectual gravitas and credibility and persuasiveness. But the key thing here is that our self-images and self-esteem become intimately tied to these stories, and to the ideological abstractions that support them.
He who writes the Narratives for a society, owns that society. In offering people explanations of the world, and a heroic path to personal meaning, they set the moral compass for a culture. And I need not emphasize that the authors of Narratives today are overwhelmingly on the political left. Their Narrative is based on the primitive, zero-sum worldview of Victimizer/Victim, Oppressor/Oppressed, and tribal warfare for supremacy of one side over the other. So they promulgate endless variations of the Robin Hood myth, where the downtrodden victims rise up against their oppressors. And those who buy in to their hand-me-down fairy tales feel heroic and meaningful and idealistic when they join The Resistance.
*That* is the stupid, primitive fairy tale we see playing out in the NFL. The grotesque absurdity of minority athletes made rich by American capitalism *sincerely* protesting America's "oppression and injustice" is a measure of the power of a Narrative over self-evident reality. The spectacle of them irrationally proclaiming that raising fists or taking knees in protest of the National Anthem has any coherent connection to such things as "police brutality," is a measure of the triumph of a Narrative over logic.
To tell these protestors to rise to their feet to honor the flag and the nation it represents, is -- in their minds -- to tell them to betray their very identity as heirs to the Robin Hood mantle of heroic rebellion against oppression. This is about their souls, you see -- and many of them would sincerely take a major hit in their bank accounts before they would "sell out."
If you grasp this, then you understand the futility of trying to argue about the economic foolishness of their virtue signaling, or how they are unpopular, or the logical disconnect between their stated causes and their means. To them, that is all irrelevant; and adhering to their "cause" in the face of all of these criticisms and losses makes them feel even MORE virtuous. I'm sure Colin Kaepernick fantasizes that he's a combination of Jackie Robinson and Jesus.
It goes without saying that everything said here about athletes applies in equal measure to other entertainers, such as the denizens of Hollywood (in fact, virtue-signalers throughout society). Many celebs, who are now having their personal corruption exposed, cling to their Narratives and supporting ideologies will a zeal commensurate with their sins and crimes. The Cause exonerates them, you see. Sure, they might be pretty bad or superficial people, but they dryclean their self-images by holding a fundraiser for Bernie, stripping for a PETA ad, insulting Trump from the stage of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Oscar night. And then you achieve instant Significance and Stature and Gravitas, a superiority which you can then flaunt before the world and all the little people in Flyover Country.
Politics is *such* a cheap, easy substitute for personal character (just ask the Clintons). Why, you can even Virtue-Signal seasonally, only at annual awards ceremonies or, better yet, every four years during presidential campaigns. The rest of the time you can continue to behave like, oh, Harvey Weinstein and his many friends, colleagues, enablers, and (in some cases) compliant supplicants. Personal character, by contrast, requires a daily, ceaseless commitment to achieve and maintain. And how boring is that?
The way to fight this is to challenge the STORYLINE of the primitive zero-sum, tribal Narrative, which dominates our culture -- yet which, laughably, is called "progressive." But criticizing it is not enough. Humans *need* a Narrative to grant meaning and purpose to their lives. Depriving them of the only one they lean on is impossible: They will resist and hate you for trying.
No, what we need to do is change the Narrative -- and that means *replacing* it.
I've written about that, too. And with that, I return to my own effort to do so.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Purpura v. Christie, et. al. Pending Before SCOTUS


10 October 2017

Second Amendment Case Impacting Federalism at the United States Supreme Court

Chaplain and constitutional expert Nicholas Purpura has dedicated many months to bringing forward a lawsuit which now is waiting on the SCOTUS to decide whether or not to grant a writ of certiorari. This case, Purpura v. Christie, et. al., docket number 17-280, has potential to restore much more than just the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The threshold question is whether or not “Federalism” is being violated. The suit is capable of restoring every citizen's gun rights in all 50 states. The Court will decide by Oct. 27 whether or not to hear the case.

In the petition, Purpura makes a three-pronged argument. First, he demonstrates a violation of the 9th Amendment protecting federalism:

  1. "The threshold matter before this court represents more than a single individual’s right to bear arms. It goes straight to the heart and viability of federalism."
  2. "The ability to self-protect is not a privilege which can be offhandedly granted or denied by any state."
  3. This Petition draws into question the constitutionality of the state of New Jersey’s statutory scheme of arbitrarily & capriciously converting a civil right into a privilege...[which] must not be permitted to prevail." 

With this, Purpura proves that all administrative laws and restrictions must be ruled “null and void” if not instituted by Congress, because they are in violation of the 9th Amendment which protects “federalism”. The case further cites two recent Supreme Court cases: 2008, Bond v. United States, 09-1127; and 2015, Department of Transportation et al, v. Assoc. of American RR. No. 13-1080, which unanimously stated that unconstitutional administrative law “is no law at all”.

Second, Purpura makes a civil RICO case on the basis of "...a pattern of activity that demonstrated ongoing violations of civil liberties and numerous incidents of injury-in-fact..." and "...documents were submitted as evidence to demonstrate multiple ongoing violations by the enterprise [defendants] in their scheme to further deny citizens their rights as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution."

Third, Purpura states that the issue is stare decisis; in other words it has already been adjudicated, and Purpura cites copious precedents and references.

This case represents an unprecedented opportunity to strike not only unconstitutional limitations to the Second Amendment, but also to provide a decision reinstating federalism and the rule of constitutional law.


Second Amendment Case Impacting Federalism at the United States Supreme Court

The Situation: Chaplain and constitutional expert Nicholas Purpura has dedicated many months to bringing forward a lawsuit which now is waiting on the SCOTUS to decide whether or not to grant a writ of certiorari. This case, Purpura v. Christie, et. al., docket number 17-280, has potential to restore much more than just the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. 

Call to Action: What stands in our way presently is lack of publicity to encourage the Court to take up this case. Should the Court receive public pressure to hear the case, they may be more likely to do so. Anyone can write to the Court to let them know that this case is important. I urge you to do so today, since the Court will decide by Oct. 27 whether or not to hear the case. After reading this information, please print the letter at this link, date and sign it, and mail it to the Supreme Court at the address shown on the letter. 

Background. The news blog The Post and E-Mail has written a detailed three-part series about this lawsuit, to which the reader may wish to refer for a full background and detailed analysis.

The nut of the case is:
"...whether it is permissible for any branch of government deviate from, alter, or exceed the powers granted under the ARTICLES AND AMENDMENTS of the U. S. CONSTITUTION.
The State of New Jersey assumes and incorporates a restricted unconstitutional position concerning the right to bear arms. One which imposes the illegal requirement of ‘justifiable need’. Within this system there exists no constitutional right as defined in the Second Amendment. 
This confers the issuance of a carry permit on the whim of Police Chiefs and/or Superior Court judges who determine individual rights based upon their own personal ideological dictates. The threshold question is whether or not “Federalism” is being violated?..."  (emphasis mine) 
The suit is capable of restoring every citizen's gun rights in all 50 states.

In the petition, Purpura writes:
"The threshold matter before this court represents more than a single individual’s right to bear arms. It goes straight to the heart and viability of federalism."
"The ability to self-protect is not a privilege which can be offhandedly granted or denied by any state. It is an inalienable right guaranteed by the Second Amendment...This Petition draws into question the constitutionality of the state of New Jersey’s statutory scheme of arbitrarily & capriciously converting a civil right into a privilege...The conversion of an inalienable right into a privilege by the state of New Jersey must not be permitted to prevail." 
With this, Purpura proves that all administrative laws and restrictions must be ruled “null and void” if not instituted by Congress, because they are in violation of the 9th Amendment which protects “federalism”. The case further cites two recent Supreme Court cases: 2008, Bond v. United States, 09-1127; and 2015, Department of Transportation et al, v. Assoc. of American RR. No. 13-1080, which unanimously stated that unconstitutional administrative law “is no law at all”.

Second, Purpura makes a civil RICO case on the basis of "...a pattern of activity that demonstrated ongoing violations of civil liberties and numerous incidents of injury-in-fact..." and "...documents were submitted as evidence to demonstrate multiple ongoing violations by the enterprise [defendants] in their scheme to further deny citizens their rights as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution."

Third, the case states that the issue is stare decisis; in other words it has already been adjudicated, and Purpura cites copious precedents and references.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to strike not only unconstitutional limitations to the Second Amendment, but also to provide a decision reinstating federalism and the rule of constitutional law over administrative law. Please print this letter and send it to the Supreme Court at the address given in the letter today so the Court receives your letter before their decision October 27.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Letter To The Supreme Court of the United States Regarding Purpura v. Christie, Et. Al.

__ October, 2017

Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street N.E.
Washington DC. 20543

To the Honorable Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States:

I respectfully request that you expedite and hear Docket No. 17-280, Purpura v. Christie, et. al. The restoration our inalienable civil rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment depend on this case. If this case is not heard or if it fails, there may be no other presenting such a robust defense for many years and possibly, forever. Thank you for your urgent consideration.



Campaign Season

October 14, 2017

The November campaign season is upon us, at its peak now, as it is every year. That, and a new video project, are keeping me from this blog. I have an active role in a campaign with actual responsibilities. And responsibilities promoting a video project for a new group dedicated to free speech. More on that later though, after the election.

As a reminder, vote for the candidates which have shown an understanding for how constitutionally-limited government should work, and who view we the people as the rightful repository of power in this Republic, If you don't have any such candidates, perhaps you should run next time.  < grin >

For the time being I am limited to occasional posts. See you soon and God bless.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NFL Flameout - The Hay Is In The Barn

When the plane is hurtling to the ground without power at 400 mph, you can either pop the chute and pray you survive, or you can go down with the plane. If you're really stupid, you set fire to the interior because you're mad about the situation.

The NFL is doing the latter.

A survey just conducted shows that the vast majority of Americans think that athletes should stand during the anthem.
Q7: Last week, Donald Trump said NFL players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem. Do you think NFL players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem?
  • Yes: 64%
  • No: 25%
  • Unsure: 11%
Q8: On Sunday, a number of NFL players knelt during the national anthem in protest of Donald Trump’s statements, including players from your favorite team. Does this make you more likely or less likely to watch your favorite team’s games in the future?
  • More likely: 30%
  • Less likely: 50%
  • No difference: 20%
These results are devastating for the NFL and show that NFL owners and management are reacting in exactly the wrong way. At this rate, in five years the NFL will be playing on public soccer fields with only iPhone livestream coverage.

Unable to stop themselves from criticizing President Trump, and in the face of overwhelming public sentiment against them, wrong-thinking RINOs weighed in against the President.This is a serious mistake, akin to setting the cockpit on fire and going down with the plane, instead of popping the emergency door and parachuting down.

The grassroots base already doesn't like the GOP establishment, equating it with the "swamp". Today, the base absolutely humiliated the GOP establishment in Alabama. Also, swamp monster Bob Corker surrendered, with a primary challenger already in the race against him at home. These are harbingers of the upcoming 2018 storm of grassroots upsetting establishment candidates. While the tone-deaf GOP establishment virtue-signals "solidarity" with America-hating professional athletes, the base is moving ahead throwing them out so the Trump agenda can move forward.

As former Auburn University coach Pat Dye used to say, "The hay is in the barn. Now it is time to play the game."

Judge Roy Moore faces off next against the Democrat in the general election.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Give NFL Sponsors Your Thoughts About Anthem or Other Political Protests

Please contact the NFL sponsors and let them know how you feel about entertainment being politicized. 

NFL Sponsor Contact


Barclaycard US



Campbell’s Soup Company


Courtyard Marriott

Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60)


Extreme Networks




Hyundai Motor America

Mars Snackfood



News America

Papa John’s


Procter & Gamble





Last but certainly not least don’t forget to tell the NFL themselves that you are boycotting them and don’t forget to mention that you are contacting advertisers and sponsors to tell them you’re boycotting their products and services until they sever ties with the 


Have fun guys!
Here is a list of Companies who are paying NFL money. Call them all and tell them what you think about the NFL Players disrespecting our American flag, our National anthem and our country
Anheuser-Busch - (614) 888-6644
Barclaycard US - 1 (866) 928-8598
Bridgestone - 1 (866) 775-6480
Campbell's Soup Company - 1 (800) 257-8443
Castrol - 1-800-462-0835
Courtyard Marriott - 1-800-721-7033
Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60) - (847) 803-2000
Extreme Networks - 1.888.257.3000
Frito-Lay - 1 (800) 352-4477
Gatorade - 1-800-884-2867
Hyundai Motor America - (844) 462-5557
Mars Snackfood - 908-850-1753
Microsoft - 1(888) 800 4665
Nationwide - 1 (877) 669-6877
News America - 1 (800) 462-0852
Papa John's - 1 877-547-7272
Procter & Gamble - 1-513-983-1100
Quaker - (312) 821-1000
Verizon - …/14-verizon-executives-phone-numb…/

Bizarro World: It's Illegal For Florida Solar Homes To Produce Energy During Power Outages

From my friend Jack C., who has so many news sources and is always looking for the important stories not carried in the MSM. So-called "renewable" energy (solar, wind, water) are tightly controlled under UN Agenda 21/2030. That is because if a person has independent power, they are independent of the control structures, and Agenda 21 is all about control. 

These panels easily could have been installed with a switch to take them off the grid in a power outage. That would have made sense. Then the homeowner could have power. But the setup today is little more than collector-sites which are owned by the government - they are using your roof - and that are controlled by the power company. 
Beware offers of "free" solar panels and "free" installation and "tax credits"! This is your tip-off that your home will be controlled by the power company and owned the government. 

In recent years, as the technology becomes cheaper and more prevalent, an increasing number of people are installing solar panels on their homes in an effort to produce their own renewable energy at a fraction of the cost from their local energy provider.
Unfortunately for Florida residents, especially those who found themselves without power following Hurricane Irma, a law brought about by power company lobbying and big government control freaks prohibits Floridians equipped with solar panels from using them independently of their local energy provider, according to a scathing report by the Miami New Times

The Miami New Times noted that Floridians are required by law to connect their solar panel-powered homes to the standard electrical grid, and pointed to a section of FPL’s guidelines on “clean energy” that mandate solar power systems be powered down along with the rest of the grid during an outage

Incredibly, even as solar customers are required to install a special disconnect switch that removes their panels from the grid while keeping the rest of the home attached, they are prohibited from independently flipping that switch to power their homes while the grid is down.

However, FPL reserves the right to come and disconnect those panels at anytime they see fit, even placing a padlock on it if necessary, without any warning ahead of time to customers.
That, along with several other hoops prospective solar panel owners must jump through, creates an incredible disincentive to consumers and essentially prohibits them from being self-reliant in terms of energy, which is kind of the main idea behind installing solar panels on a home in the first place.
Furthermore, FPL is thought to be heading up lobbying efforts to do away with the “net-metering” provision that allows solar customers to “sell” excess energy their panels have produced back to the power company, which would remove the sole remaining incentive for Floridians to undertake the expense of installing solar panels.

Monday, September 25, 2017

#NFLBoycott Fallout - An Update

A lot going on with the #NFLboycott so it's worth an update even though I've posted earlier today.

People are burning their player number jerseys and fan merchandise. We the people are angry.

This is making the rounds:
No automatic alt text available.

Another version of the "No Fans Left" meme contains a subtitle, "Burn It All!" (we the people are VERY angry.)

Part of the fans' anger likely stems from the fact that these players are able to perform their profession in large coliseums and stadiums built in no small part with taxpayer dollars (including taxpayer-funded bonds). From George H. Rodriguez, "El Conservador", a Texas conservative activist:
You read that right: For that large investment, the host cities see little to no economic stimulation. That is an 800-pound gorilla. The local fans, who also are taxpayers, don't want to be told their country, and themselves by extension, are racist or oppressive or support a murderous regime.... Especially not by wealthy, privileged athletes, inside a top-notch facility paid for by the taxpayer-fan.

Part of the anger also may stem from the utter hypocrisy of the NFL on the topic of free speech.
These "anthem protests" are supported by the NFL as "free speech". Where was this libertarian view of speech when:
Tim Tebow was considered "controversial" because he prayed?
Players wanted to honor murdered cops?
Players wanted to honor the victims of 9/11?
It goes on. This selective application of "free speech" makes it a very weak justification.

And then there's this database - which may suggest why so many NFL players are hostile to the police. For those players who have not been arrested: Are they still considered oppressed? #justasking

However, not all sports teams, athletes, and owners are crazy these days. 

NASCAR owners say that drivers and crew will be respectful during the anthem.   Fortunately, NASCAR drivers and crew, as well as invited celebrities, already seem to be fairly well disposed to behave appropriately during the anthem.

The Stanley Cup winner Pittsburg Penguins team is OK with visiting the White House - even after President Trump's comments critical of NFL anthem protesting players. Go Pens!

While college ball and pro ball are two different sports with different fans and drivers, you really can't ignore the implications for the NFL when observing the Fukushima-level disaster at the University of Missouri following the race riots there. Politics mixed with athletics there, and the result was total meltdown of the once-proud Mizzou Tiger football program. I recall Faurot Field, and my beloved OU Sooners playing various iterations of the Missouri Tigers years ago in the Big 8. As it turns out, race riots and football team walkout protests are not good advertising for athletic scholarship programs. Freshman enrollment has dropped 35% over the last 2 years. No parent wants their child to go to a school where either racists run wild, or protesters run wild, or maybe both!

This gentleman explains it well. If you are going to talk about the negative things then you have to admit the positive things. On balance there are a lot more positives.

Athletes who believe they are "oppressed" in some ill-defined way, or want to express a nebulous "solidarity" with some group, should instead start working on helping to fix the negative things. Like 50% black youth unemployment. Like boys with no father figure. Like children who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, there are problems, but the anthem isn't responsible for it and the most helpful way to resolve problems in the community would come from these same "protesters" actually putting their money and efforts into personally addressing the problems instead of "taking a knee".

More Blowback On The NFL Regarding Anthem Disrespect

Looks like "taking a knee" has become the new way for people to identify themselves as anti-American and anti-cop. Entire teams are now "taking a knee" or, as in the case of the Steelers (a team which used to embody American values) staying in the locker room for the anthem entirely.

Shout-out to American hero Alejandro Villanueva, who refused to be bullied into disrespecting the flag and his country. He did not join the team in the locker room, and stood to salute the flag. For which his coach criticized him. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is now questioning openly if they did the right thing by staying in the locker room. Ben, if you have to ask that question, you've had one hit too many already. 

A friend who writes for a conservative blog was kind enough to republish my letter to NFL Commissioner Goodell. He added a bit of flair: a couple of graphics and font emphasis added to amplify my message.  Another blog also has reposted my letter. I wrote it from the heart fairly quickly, not anticipating it would be paid much mind by anyone. But apparently my feelings resonate with many (if my Facebook feed is any indication).

These so-called "protesting" players are pointing out a problem? Seriously? They are pointing out the wrong problem. Here are the facts on what they should be addressing productively within the affected communities.

So, do "black lives" really matter to these people? Or are they just virtue-signaling and seeking attention? Note that this graphic doesn't even begin to include the 17 million black lives which have been ended on the abortionist's table since 1973 in this country - a true "black genocide". But you will hear nothing about that. With apologies to Obi Wan Kenobe, those are not the black lives you're looking for.

Anyone who disrespects the flag disrespects the country and her citizens, and by proxy our military who defend her and our police who put their lives on the line for us keeping the peace every day. Cooler heads have always called for respect for the police and acknowledging that "All Lives Matter" (which they do.)

Here is why you always should stand and salute our flag:

Someone died so these sports professionals could live in a free society where it's possible to play football for millions of dollars after receiving a full college scholarship.

When I was a child, there was a certain famous sports commentator whose "tell it like it is" opinions famously put him frequently at odds with large, vociferous fan bases. I remember when this commentator said there was no way my favorite college team, the University of Oklahoma Sooners, would win the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans against Auburn that year. I did not come from a cursing family at all, but the new phrase in our home for weeks was, "Go To Hell, Cosell". If you don't recall Howard Cosell, you missed a lot of sports history. And bad toupees. But I digress.

Anyway, OU won against Auburn. I was there in the Sugar Bowl to see it.  Oh, well, poor Howard Cosell. OU Sooner Football fandom maintained its honor that day.

This week, perhaps another phrase is catching on with former NFL franchise fans and Americans everywhere disgusted with these hypocrites.... Go to hell, Goodell.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

My Letter to NFL Commissioner Goodell About Players' Anthem Protests

Dear Commissioner, 

I agree fully with the sentiments expressed below. The people of this country do not support these childish portrayals on the field. The American flag stands for freedom and liberty. I will not support any organization (or its advertisers) who disrespect it. Therefore, I am now focusing my activism to encourage more people to boycott the NFL teams and their advertisers which allow and support the kneeling during the anthem - or any disrespect of the flag or our nation. 

I also support boycotting the sponsors who place advertisements during these games. I am sure you are aware of the precipitous drop in NFL attendance and TV viewing this year. Most of the people polled on this topic who are staying away blame the anthem disrespect as the reason they are not attending or watching. It is only going to get worse for you and the league, because the NFL failed to take a stand against this when it first started two years ago and people are sick of it. 

I grew up with the NFL - the Cowboys, the Bears, the Saints. I have many wonderful memories of Staubach, Ditka, Archie Manning, and many others. It is a terrible shame that the league I used to love has devolved to where it is now. The very country and people who supported this league and grew it into greatness over the decades are now being disrespected. It is evident that the NFL leadership and players wish to commit economic suicide. 

The kneeling players are on contract with their  teams, and the contracts include limits on behaviors as well as explicit rules of conduct. By now, these contracts should all contain clauses prohibiting any show of disrespect for the anthem, flag, or making political statements during a game. It should be self-evident that showing disrespect to this country and the very people in the stands paying these players' and coaches' salaries qualifies as unacceptable behavior. 

I understand that all the players in the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars knelt during the national anthem in London yesterday. Do you think the average American supports this behavior? No. It is a travesty and insults us all. This behavior will continue to alienate viewers and former ticket-holders. The cognitive dissonance is astounding. Many of these players are millionaires because of the greatness of opportunity in this country. They were so oppressed they received full scholarships to college, and hundreds of thousands if not millions in guaranteed payouts to play a sport. If that is "oppression", then I wish I had been so "oppressed". 

The trope that they are expressing some "solidarity" with those who are "oppressed" is a falsehood. If these players really wanted to express solidarity, they would engage with their communities directly and help support at-risk families. They would help train idle young men in skills for jobs. They would volunteer to coach Pop Warner leagues. Instead, they take the easy way out by virtue-signaling in front of people who paid to see a football game. They poke America in the eye. 

We just decided not to accept this childish behavior anymore. 

I would challenge these same kneeling players to leave the United States if they feel so oppressed. If they find the culture so racist. I would challenge them to live under a real oppressive regime which  limits their speech; where the very act of disrespect they force upon viewers now would result instead in their incarceration. 

This is a wonderful country in which liberty and justice for all is a great virtue, as well as the law of the land. The NFL used to be a great league. Now I have only contempt for what it's become. Look what you've reaped, Commissioner, because this is what you have sown.  


- I sent the above letter, signed, to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Sunday, 9/24/17
- The letter below was my inspiration for writing to Commissioner Goodell. 

On Sunday, September 24, 2017 9:14 AM, DK wrote:

Dear Commissioner,
During these two past seasons, my disappointment has grown boundlessly. This disgruntlement resides not just in the NFL leadership and the players who disgrace our country and our flag, but also in those idiots who stand while caressing the shoulders of the racists pretending to despise racism.  As of the commencement of this ugliness I have turned off any game where the network chose to put these haters on the screen.  I have found other things to do during most of the non-NYG games, not in protest but because I am, quite honestly, sick of the political BS which has begun to proliferate the sports media.
This may come as a surprise to you, but a very large percentage of sports fans turn to sports in order to escape from not just the ills of the world but also from his or her daily toils of work and raising their families.  They do not want to see a bunch of multi-millionaire, trouble making crybabies, interfering with their much needed escapism.
As a long time, decades upon decades, Giants fan I have very rarely missed even one play from scrimmage.  And as  a diehard Big Blue Giants’ fan I have ignored, for the Giants games only, those disrespecting my country.  NOT ANYMORE. As of this week, that has changed.  I know for sure that the Eagles team (Giants’ opponents this weekend) has several players who will endeavor to crap on my country today.   If the network chooses to show them or in any way give them notoriety, my TV will immediately be switched to the Fed-Ex Cup golf playoffs. This is not a threat. It is reality.   
It contrasts sanity to see that you hypocrites take it as an insult to the NFL when a self-centered player does an end zone cucaracha after scoring a touchdown and then you choose to look the other way when our country, our flag and the millions of men and women who died for America’s freedom are disrespected.  This includes the real men in blue, our police.  How does that make any sense? You Sir, had better wake up to the danger you and your un-American policies are doing to a once exciting game.  I am disgusted with the lot of you