Monday, November 23, 2009

FREE faxing to Congress, President, Judges, More!

Want to fax senators and representatives your opinion of taxation without representation, for FREE and from your own home? I heard in a TPP google group today about this web site, American Voice - Here's the link - it's FREE. I signed up today. Also feel free to look at my fax record below.

It only takes a few minutes to join and then sending is easy once you write your letters. Please take a moment to look at my record - you can see what I wrote. If you want to use some of my text feel free - i would consider it a compliment if any one used any of the text.

You can get the names and addresses and phone numbers of any House rep or Senator at these sites:



You can search for and read any bills or legislation here (Library of Congress 'Thomas' site):

Full text search available if you don't know the bill's number. You can read the whole bill or a summary. You can find the sponsors. It's great!

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