Monday, November 23, 2009

How Does A Paved Road Increase My Taxes?

A very good post from another Tea Party Patriot in Monmouth County.

You might be surprised that roadbuilding is one of the biggest areas to which your tax dollars go. Sales tax, property tax income tax - you name the tax, there is probably a line item it funds which pays for some kind of road- or bridge-building. This is at all levels - local (municipal/county), state and federal. It is true that a large percentage of roadbuilding funds are wasted - on accouting mistakes, fraud, graft; corruption unfortunately both in government and in the private sector.

Why do taxes rise ever higher? Because no one takes the time to stop the corruption - those on the take are negatively motivated to change the status quo; those not on the take are either indifferent or do not want to jeopardize their own situation. With an ever-flowing incoming revenue stream - the taxpayers, you and me - and no accountability (no public statements of financial condition, no requirement to be profitable, murky governance) the natural outcome is to meet new requirements and continue the old ones by continuing to increase taxes - 'sources of revenue'. Thus the natural outcome of taxes is bureaucracy and higher taxes, which need to be raised in order to support the larger bureaucracy to support the new programs, etc. etc.

Whenever a politician talks about new revenue streams, she or he is talking about new TAXES - which will be paid by you and me.

Taxes are a massive redistribution of wealth over which we taxpayers have no control and no insight into where the funds are going or how efficiently they are being utilized.

A solution to this spiraling, uncontrolled growth of taxes is fourfold:

1. Require government to account at each level (local, state and federal) for all monies spent on each initiative, bond, or project. With the advent of the Internet, all public monies spent should be publicly posted on the government entity's web site.

2. Initiate a citizen oversight board for each government agency. Citizens must be residents of the agency's domain and not associated in any way either personally or professionally with the agency. The board would have a vote on all spending or funds allocation proposals.

3. Taxes enacted as temporary taxes may not be renewed for any reason.

4. Taxes may not be enacted on any item or service directly linked to a person's basic life and liberty. This includes but is not limited to: home and auto fuel, firearms, food, medicines, and health insurance.

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