Friday, December 18, 2009

Applying Logic to Human-Induced Global Warming Beliefs: Lord Monckton vs. Greenpeacenick

Lord Monckton vs. Greenpeacenick
Wednesday, 16th of December 2009 at 03:08:25 PM

If you’ve never heard the learned Lord Christopher Monckton discuss global warming, this exchange with an earnest, but deluded Greenpeacenik makes for very entertaining viewing.

Tell your Congressmen and the President that human-induced global warming is a crock, and a sham, and you do not want the prices of everything you pay for, from cars to paper to food to energy, to jump higher just to pay off Third World countries for imaginary 'damages caused by rich countries' carbon emissions'. The only thing global about the human-induced global warming pseudo-religion is that it is a global shakedown of wealthy countries by the so-called 'G-77'. What Third World dictator (e.g. Robert Mugabe, who showed up at Copenhagen and got his picture taken at the table so he can claim to be for carbon control and ride the coattails of more powerful nations like China and Brazil in the G-77) - what petty tyrant like Mugabe would not want billions of dollars of free money gushing into his treasury? Do you think that money will go to better feed, clothe, house, train and employ 'the people' of those countries -- or to reforest the millions of acres of stripped rain forests in Brazil? If so I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya.

No matter what your opinion about human-induced global warming and carbon emissions, use your right to tell your representatives what you think.

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