Friday, December 18, 2009

PWC Study: 'Health Care Reform' Could Increase Your Costs Drastically

PriceWaterhouseCoopers released an independent study of the Senate Finance Committee version of the government takeover of health care bill. The study showed that American family's budgets will be severely impacted by the bill and that health insurance premiums will increase dramatically.

See the bottom of P. 12 and top of P. 13: do you want your premiums to increase 50% by 2016?
The report-->
"Reform could increase premium costs by significant amounts. Premiums for plans purchased in the individual market in 2016 could rise in cost by 47 percent on average over premiums projected in 2016 in the absence of health reform. Other segments would also see significant increases."

This is very, very scary.

I urge you to to read the study and use this as supporting documentation when you contact the Senators. Additionally, you may find some these resources helpful as well:
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