Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Win Would Be Game Changer In Democratic Plans

According to CNN and other mainstream media news sources, "Health Reform Teeters As GOP Seeks Massachusetts Miracle".

CNN says: " -- A couple of weeks ago, President Obama appeared to be on the brink of achieving the Democratic dream of comprehensive health care reform. Today that dream is at risk of being derailed in the most Democratic of states: Massachusetts...Losing the seat would strip Democrats of their 60-seat Senate majority and give Republicans enough votes to block the reform bill -- along with other key parts of the president's agenda."

The hand-wringing anguish in that title, and in those sentences, is palpable.

They have the issue wrong, but at least they spelled 'Massachusetts' correctly.

The issue is not that health care reform will 'teeter' if Scott Brown wins Tuesday. If Brown wins the Massachusetts Senate seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy -- famously and inappropriately labeled by liberals as "Ted Kennedy's Seat" as if it were surely as much his personal property as his own derriere, or owned by him as his birthright, his sovereign throne -- if Brown wins the Dems no longer have the 60 Senate votes needed to stave off GOP filibusters. This frightens the Dems much, much more than simply the potential ground-up redo of President Obama's signature campaign issue. Given the current voting records along near-absolute party lines, this portends that the Dems will have to fight much, much harder to pass legislation, and that such passage no more is guaranteed to be entirely within their control. Losing that control is what has Dems the most worried.

If they obtained a mandate in 2008, then the Dems will have squandered it a year later.

John Avlon, author of "Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics," said the outcome of the election will rest in the hands of the independent voters like the Levines. Although Democrats far outnumber Republicans in Massachusetts, there are more independents than Democrats and Republicans combined, he said in a commentary on CNN.com. Lets hope the citizens of the Great State of Massachusetts do the job on Tuesday.

If given the opportunity presented by a 59-vote Democratic Senate majority, the GOP will filibuster this health care bill -- their special interests are not catered to as much as the Dems' special interests, so believe that the GOP will threaten filibuster.

Health care reform desperately is needed in this country. However the current bill is a despicable travesty, a mess of special interest payoffs and vote-buying loopholes. In this case a GOP filibuster actually will produce a needed hiatus to drastically reconsider major portions of this bill -- or a complete reboot and redo -- and in so doing, potentially simplify it and make it better. One can always hope -- although this is not how politics often works out.

Health care reform will have the chance truly to be reform again -- not a cacophony of special interest cries for freebies on the back of other taxpayer classes who don't have as strong representation or vote-guarantees.

But our representatives in both houses of Congress must do a much, much better job of representing all constituents -- not just special interests with organized vote-getting power. Both parties are just as guilty of this; they just cater to different special interests.

Our job as taxpayers is to vote the incumbents out with each election - ensuring fresh and energetic faces with no vested background in Washington politics-as-usual.

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