Monday, January 18, 2010

Support C-SPAN's Call for Access to Congressional Debate

Support C-SPAN's Call for Access in Health Care Debate

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Speaker Pelosi and President Obama have told the American people on many occasions that the current administration and this congress are the most ethical and transparent in American history. President Obama promised us at least 8 times health care negotiations and hearings would be televised on CSPAN.

Instead, we have seen:

* Roughly 2000 page bills that come to the floor of the House and Senate for a vote with sometimes as little as 48 hours for the public and Congressional members to read them before passage.
* Backroom deals come to light only after the vote has been promised and funding or other concessions have been made between Senators. A perfect example of this is Sen. Mary Landrieu's yes vote after the "Louisiana Purchase" of not $100 million but $300 million.
* Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has not made the health care bill public until after the CBO scores it.
* Votes taken under the cover of darkness in the middle of the night that will tax us immediately but will have no benefit to the very people they are supposed to help for years to come.

And, we have seen President Obama himself has not been transparent. Instead he has had special, closed door meetings. He met privately, behind closed doors with the Democratic caucus of the House the day of the Health Care Vote and summoned the Democratic caucus of the Senate to the White House the week before the Senate's final vote.

What don't they (Congress and the President) want the American people to see? Why are they breaking their promises to us?

C-SPAN Chairman Brian Lamb has asked Congress to open access to the negotiations to C-SPAN cameras. We agree. It is time to let the light shine on the health care negotiations. Let's hold the President accountable. Let's hold our Representatives in Congress, who have repeatedly said they will be transparent, accountable for their campaign promises.

We the People demand that they open the hearings on the health care bill to public scrutiny and comment by televising the full proceedings on C-SPAN.

Help us support C-SPAN's call for access to the hearings through this Tea Party Patriots petition.

1. Sign the petition now by following this link:
2. Forward this email or a link to the petition to your entire email list and ask them to sign the petition as well.
3. Change your Facebook status to: Support C-SPAN's call for access. Sign the petition now:
4. If you have other social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and MySpace, change your status there as well.
5. Call your Congressman's and 2 Senators' local offices and DC offices to tell them to open all health care hearings and negotiations to C-SPAN. Tell them you want no more back room, cover of darkness deals.

Thank you for your help in this effort. Together we can and will hold our elected officials accountable. Together we will work to let the light shine in on this process!
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