Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where are NJ and NY Congressional Reps on the 9/11 Terror Trial?

Six Senators Urge AG Holder To Pull Plug on NYC 9/11 KSM Trial


Quoted content from FoxNews.com

"A bipartisan group of six senators on Tuesday urged Attorney General Eric Holder to pull the plug on his decision to send suspects in the Sept. 11 attacks to federal court, marking the second day in a row that senators from both sides of the aisle have slammed the Obama administration for treating terror suspects like common criminals.

The senators on Tuesday urged the Department of Justice to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other alleged Sept. 11 conspirators in military commissions and halt plans to try them in federal court in New York City. They warned that a federal trial could compromise classified evidence and serve as a recruitment tool for terrorists.

'The attacks of 9/11 were acts of war, and those who planned and carried out those attacks are war criminals,' they wrote, expressing concern about the administration's use of the criminal justice system for 'enemy combatants.'

The letter was signed by Sens. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.; Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark.; Jim Webb, D-Va.; Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.; Susan Collins, R-Maine; and John McCain, R-Ariz.

On top of that, two congressional Republicans - Graham and Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf -- say they plan to introduce legislation that will block the transfer of the Sept. 11 suspects to New York City by cutting off funding.

'The cost of moving a handful of people and trying them and keeping them in New York City until the appeals are out could cost up to a billion and perhaps even over a billion dollars,' Wolf said.

Graham said he's confident he can round up the votes....'There are a lot of Democrats who oppose the idea of sending them to New York City, putting them in civilian courts. And if I have another vote, I think I'll get a majority of the United States Senate,' Graham said. "

"A lot of Democrats" oppose this....but not any in NY or NJ, two of the three states arguably most affected!

Unbelievably, the group of Congressmen bringing this issue to Atty Gen. Eric Holder are from Connecticut, Virginia, Arkansas, S. Carolina, Arizona, and Maine. But not a single one from either NY or NJ. Where are the representatives of these states? Have they been meekly silenced by partisan politics? Yes: In New York, you have 2 Democratic Senators, Chuck Schumer, who has his eye on Harry Reid's job when he isn't re-elected; and Kirsten Gillibrand, who was appointed by NY's (Democratic) governer, who was himself not elected but instead inherited the office when Spitzer was caught with his pants down -- Gillibrand, who agrees with whatever Daddy Schumer says.

New Jersey is no better: Robert Menendez is chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (and he ain't takin' no blame for recent Democratic campaign losses, either: http://www.nj.com/hudson/voices/index.ssf/2010/01/us_sen_robert_menendez_not_wai.html). He votes 'Yes' on all Democratic bills and fears to protest anything, lest he lose his plum position on top of the money pile.

Also in New Jersey, Frank Lautenberg, a Democrat, is too interested in being re-elected, and receiving campaign assistance from his state pal and co-Senator, Bob Menendez, to disagree with the White House or otherwise buck the tide.

With self-interest trumping the people's interests so soundly in both states, it is past time for citizens of both NJ and NY to 'fire the bums' and vote them all out of office in November. Their silence on this critical issue speaks volumes; and it screams that not only they have forgotten whom they have been elected to represent, they are willing to compromise our lives and liberty to achieve their personal profit.


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