Thursday, February 11, 2010

More On Why Man-Induced Climate Change Is A Snow Job

More On Why Man-Induced Climate Change Is A Snow Job

What's funny about climategate? Well, what's funny is that you don't hearabout this in the US media. I had to go to UK papers to get info.

Interesting Reader Points:
1. The Earth is currently in the geologic epoch known as the Holocene. This began nearly 12,000 years ago when the last ice age (more precisely, the Weichsal glacial) ended. Temperatures warmed, glaciers
began to retreat, and the Arctic began to melt. This began what is called an interglacial: a warmer period between glaciation.

We tend to think of the poles as immutable, but geologically speaking,permanent polar ice is a rare phenomenon, comprising less than 10% of history. Icecaps form briefly between interglacials, only to melt as the next one begins -- this time around will be no different.

So we know the Arctic will eventually be open water. The only question is how it will affect us.

The language the media uses to describe Arctic melting is usually emotionally loaded. Filled with terms such as "concern", "desperate", even "dying" and "doomed", one would think a living organism was being
described. Experts are always quoted as "warning" us, rather than simply speaking -- classic propaganda techniques...

2. ...generalist unsupported statements such as " the glaciers are melting" are not evidence.

Point us to the source of the claim that glaciers are melting and show us the measurements and where they come from. [ obviously IPCC reports which merely repeat the same statements are not evidence either ]

There are 140,000 glaciers incidentally so quite a large number will need to be accurately measured over time to draw a conclusion. Has anyone done that?

If so tell us so that we may read the results.....

Tulsa, OK is apparently hit with sudden a local 'global warming' effect in the midst of the snowiest winter in decades:

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