Saturday, February 13, 2010

Obama Administration Report: 95,000 jobs to come each month

Obama Administration Report: 95,000 jobs to come each month
White House Mouthpieces Craft Disinformation Report

"2 Million Jobs Created Or Saved" -- do YOU feel assured?

OBummer disinformation machine, cranking out tripe at its dysfunctional worst.

"The United States is likely to average 95,000 more jobs each month this year, while personal savings will remain high as credit remains tight, according to a White House report released Thursday."
Is that net, or is that minus the jobs being lost? 

"The Council of Economic Advisers also trumpeted the $787 billion economic stimulus package, which it said has saved or created about 2 million jobs."
That's been shown to be an outrageously high estimate. To continue perpetrating this untruth is to lie. 

"In a message to Congress, President Barack Obama pointed out that the economy he inherited was losing 700,000 jobs each month."
Again, let's blame GW Bush. Again, how was that measured? Is that net? Is this even true? The economy was shedding an average of 3/4 million jobs each month? I don't think so!  

And if that isn't enough to choke you:

"Casting its first year as positive, the administration's 462-page report served as a summary of its logic and a pitch for Obama's future agenda. The economic report to the president is an annual document prepared by the Council of Economic Advisers, the White House's three-person internal thinktank. It includes a summary of trends and internal predictions for economic indicators. By law, it must be sent to Congress within 10 days of the White House's budget proposals."

Let's see, the Administration releases a 462-page report claiming 2 million jobs 'created or saved' and 95,000 jobs each month starting now. Just how was any of that measured? We already know the Administration's job-counting scheme double-counted jobs, and also counted a 'job created' or a 'job saved' no matter what amount of money went to the employer. $500 was enough for the Administration to claim a 'job saved'.  But $500 doesn't pay for a worker. This is disinformation intended to convince people that the stimulus 'worked' and that the upcoming 'jobs bill' (Stimulus II) is needed to 'get people working again'. It will probably get a relatively few people working again all right: at government jobs. Government was the fastes-growing sector the last 2 years.

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