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The WSJ Guide to ObamaCare

The WSJ Guide to ObamaCare
A comprehensive collection of our editorials and op-eds.

FEBRUARY 4, 2010, 3:06 P.M. ET

Review and Outlook

February 4: ObamaCare's Excuses

January 21: RomneyCare Revisited

January 20: Boston Tea Party

January 19: The Message of Massachusetts

January 16: Labor's $60 Billion Payoff

January 14: Health Experts and Double Standards

January 13: Coakley's Saviors

January 12: $222 Billion, Ho Hum

January 11: The Health Choices Czar

January 8: Medicare and the Mayo Clinic

January 6: The Tom DeLay Democrats

January 5: The Cornhusker Pushback

January 2: ObamaCare on Drugs

December 26: The Senate Postmortem

December 23: The Price of 'History'

December 23: A Democrat Defects

December 22: ObamaCare's Longshoremen Rules

December 21: Change Nobody Believes In

December 18: White House v. White House

December 17: That Health-Care Tax Pledge

December 14: 'The Cost Control' Bill of Goods

December 11: Worse Than the Public Option

December 9: Olympia Snowe Is Right

December 7: CEOs and ObamaCare

December 2: ObamaCare at Any Cost

November 27: Big Pharma Sells Out

November 23: Liberals and Mammography

November 22: The Senate's Health-Care Act

November 20: The End of HSAs

November 19: A Breast Cancer Preview

November 16: The Rationing Commission

November 16: A Tax a Day

November 12: A 69% Capital Gains Tax Hike

November 12: And a Buried Tort Bomb

November 9: The Lords of Entitlement

November 6: The Return of the Inflation Tax

November 6: The AMA Wants a Unicorn, Too

November 2: The Worst Bill Ever

October 28: The WellPoint Revelation

October 28: Lieberman Steps Up

October 22: Temporary Beltway Sanity

October 21: The Doctor Fix Is I

October 20: Health Costs and History

October 19: ObamaCare's Tax on Work

October 19: Gag Order Admission

October 16: Cash for Oldsters

October 14: Your Massachusetts Future

October 10: The Stressed German Model

October 8: The Greatest Show on Earth

October 6: The War on Specialists

October 5: Opting Out of Medicare

September 30: Escape to Montana

September 29: Rhetorical Tax Evasion

September 28: Max's Mad Mandate

September 25: Unsafe at Any Speed

September 24: Medicare and Gag Orders

September 22: Baucus Bludgeons Humana

September 21: Obama's Nontax Tax

September 18: The Innovation Tax

September 17: Public Option Lite

September 16: Another Health-Care Invention

September 11: Medicare for Dummies

September 10: Obama Doubles Down

September 8: The Perils of BaucusCare

September 8: Whoa, Trigger

August 23: The Competition Cure

August 21: No Maine Miracle Cure

August 20: ObamaCare's Contradictions

August 18: Whole Foolishness

August 18: The Public Option Goes Over

August 14: Obama's Senior Moment

August 13: Billy and the Beanstalk

August 12: The Truth About Health Insurance

August 7: Drug Dealers

August 7: Health Reform and the Polls

August 6: ObamaCare's Real Price Tag

August 5: Dems vs. Dems

August 4: Teeing Up The Middle Class

August 1: The Fat of the Land

July 31: Repealing Erisa--II

July 30: Fannie Med

July 28: No Help for the Blue Dogs

July 26: Dr. Obama's Tonsillectomy

July 23: A Better Health Reform

July 22: Mr. Grassley's Choice

July 22: Bullying CBO

July 20: Repealing Erisa

July 20: What's Up, Docs?

July 18: Their Own Medicine

July 16: Big Pharma Gets Played

July 15: The Small Business Surtax

July 10: The Public Option Two-Step

July 7: Of NICE and Men

July 3: Everyday Low Politics

July 2: Why It's Easy to Steal from Medicare

June 29: Obama's Health Future

June 23: Government Health Care and Voters

June 19: ObamaCare Sticker Shock

June 17: Health Reform and Competitiveness

June 16: Obama's Malpractice Gesture

June 8: Obama's Health Cost Illusion

June 3: Why the Health Care Rush?

May 29: Taxing Health Care

May 19: How Washington Rations

May 13: Signing On to an Obama 'Dream'

May 11: Republicans and the 'Public Option'

May 5: Specter On Cancer

April 13: The End of Private Health Insurance

March 27: National Health Preview

March 21: Vindicating McCain

February 11: A Health-Tech Monopoly

January 21: The Latest Entitlement

December 29: Orszag's Health Warning

December 9: The Obama Health-Care Express

December 1: Messing with Malpractice Reform

November 20: The Obama Health Plan Emerges

January 19: David Brady, Daniel Kessler, and Douglas Rivers: Health Care Is Hurting Democrats

January 14: Kim Strassel: The Health Lady Has Yet to Sing

January 13: Bob Dole: Taxing Details That Harm Patients

January 8: Mark Constantian: Where U.S. Health Care Ranks Number One

January 7: Gilbert Ross: Why Drug 'Reimportation' Won't Die

January 4: Darrell Kirch: How to Fix The Doctor Shortage

January 2: Orrin G. Hatch, J. Kenneth Blackwell and Kenneth A. Klukowski: Why the Health-Care Bills Are Unconstitutional

December 30: Robert Dallek: Obama's Historic Health-Care Victory

December 28: Fred Barnes: The Tyranny of the Majority Party

December 23: Scott Gottlieb: What Doctors and Patients Have to Lose Under ObamaCare

December 23: Richard Epstein: Harry Reid Turns Insurance Into a Public Utility

December 22: William McGurn: O Come O Come, Emanuel

December 18: Kim Strassel: Democrats on the Health-Care Precipice

December 17: Daniel Henninger: ObamaCare and the Liberal Obsession

December 17: Tom Coburn: The Health Bill is Scary

December 14: Scott Harrington: Congress's Long-Term Care Bomb

December 12: Joseph Rago: The Weekend Interview with Jonathan Bush: Health Care's 'Radical Improver'

December 11: John Fund: ObamaCare Keeps Falling in the Polls

December 3: Tom Scully: Medicare Part D 'Reforms' Will Harm Seniors

November 17: Jeffrey Flier: Health 'Reform' Gets a Failing Grade

November 13: Andrew R. Heinze: What Health Reform Will Do to My Insurance

November 12: Janet Ttrautwein: Why We Need a Strong Individual Mandate

November 6: John Shadegg: The No-Cost Path to Cheaper Health Care

November 4: Herbert Pardes: The Coming Shortage of Doctors

November 3: Fred Barnes: Major Congressional Reforms Demand Bipartisan Support

October 28: Betsy McCaughey: Doctors on Health-Care Reform

October 26: Arthur C. Brooks: Why Government Health Care Keeps Falling in the Polls

October 22: David Brady and Daniel Kessler: Public Opinion and Health Reform

October 21: Scott Harrington: Competition and Health Insurance

October 20: William McGurn: What Singapore Can Teach the White House

October 19: Norbert Gleicher: 'Expert Panels' Won't Improve Health Care

October 16: Al From: Democrats Don't Need the Public Option

October 14: Douglas Holtz-Eakin: The Baucus Bill Is a Tax Bill

October 9: Wendy Williams: Paying the Health Tax in Massachusetts

October 8: Mary Landrieu: Health Costs Are Crushing Small Businesses

October 6: Peter Suderman: The Lesson of State Health-Care Reforms

October 6: Thomas Frank: Health Care and the 'Predator State'

October 5: Donald Palmisano, William Plested II and Daniel Johnson: What We Would Have Told Obama

October 2: Matt Miller: A Real Employee Free Choice Ac

October 1: Scott Gottlieb: How the U.S. Government Rations Health Care

September 30: Holman Jenkins: Why Obama Bombed on Health Care

September 28: Philip K. Howard: Why Medical Malpractice Is Off Limits

September 28: William Winkenwerder: Health-Cops Aren't the Answer

September 27: Michael Leavitt, Al Hubbard and Keith Hennessey: Health 'Reform' Is Income Redistribution

September 26: John Fund: Congress Needs a 72-Hour Waiting Period

September 25: John F. Cogan, Glenn Hubbard, and Daniel Kessler: Doubling Down on a Flawed Insurance Model

September 24: Daniel Henninger: From Bismarck to Obama

September 24: Matt Alsante: The FDA Rejects Another Good Cancer Drug

September 22: Matt Blunt: How Missouri Cut Junk Lawsuits

September 18: Kim Strassel: Congress Veers Left on Health Care

September 18: David Rivkin and Lee Casey: Mandatory Insurance Is Unconstitutional

September 18: Deval Patrick: Massachusetts Is a Health-Reform Model

September 16: Rupert Darwall: Government Medicine vs. the Elderly

September 16: Max Baucus: The Senate Is Ready to Act on Health Care

September 15: Andrew Napolitano: Health-Care Reform and the Constitution

September 14: Scott Harrington: Fact-Checking the President on Health Insurance

September 12: William Healey: Heal for America

September 11: Grace-Marie Turner and Joseph Antos: Medicare Is No Model for Health Reform

September 11: Kim Strassel: The President's Tort Two-Step

September 10: Mark Mix: Read the Union Health-Care Label

September 9: Daniel Henninger: It's Still the Economy, Stupid

September 8: Sarah Palin: Obama and the Bureaucratization of Health Care

September 8: Holman Jenkins: A Bipartisan Plan to Wreck the System

September 4: John Shadegg and Pete Hoekstra: How to Insure Every American

September 3: Peggy Noonan: Coruscating on Thin Ice

September 2: Tom Daschle: Climbing the Hill on Health Care

September 1: Tom Coburn: What I Learned From the 'Mob'

August 31: Jerome Groopman and Pamela Hartzband: Sorting Fact From Fiction on Health Care

August 28: Gary Locke: Fixing Health Care Is Good for Business

August 27: Betsy McCaughey: Obama's Health Rationer-in-Chief

August 25: Thomas Frank: Health Care and the Democratic Soul

August 24: William McGurn: Saving the Obama Presidency

August 23: Fred Barnes: Republicans Have Obama Playing Defense

August 22: Kevin Ferris: Arlen Specter's Dilemma

August 20: Michael Leavitt: Health 'Co-ops' Are Government Care

August 20: Heather Richardson Higgins: No Compromise on Health 'Reform'

August 20: Daniel Henninger: In Government We Trust?

August 20: Peggy Noonan: Pull the Plug on ObamaCare

August 19: Scott Harrington: Health Co-ops: Slow Road to Government Care

August 19: Ronald Dworkin: An Anesthesiologist's Take on Health-Care Reform

August 18: Martin Feldstein: ObamaCare Is All About Rationing

August 18: Jim Towey: The Death Book for Veterans

August 18: William McGurn: Harry Reid's 'Evil' Moment

August 17: Andrew Klavan: The Panel

August 16: Craig Karpel: We Don't Spend Enough on Health Care

August 14: John Cochrane: What to Do About Pre-existing Conditions

August 12: Alan Miller: Medicare For All Isn't the Answer

August 11: John Mackey: The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare

August 10: William McGurn: The Health-Care Grail

August 10: Dorothy Rabinowitz: Obama's Tone-Deaf Health Campaig

August 6: Daniel Henninger: Why Obama May Fail

August 6: Peggy Noonan: 'You Are Terrifying Us'

August 5: Arthur Laffer: How to Fix the Health-Care 'Wedge'

July 30: Myrna Ulfik: Health Reform and Cancer

July 28: Theodore Dalrymple: Is There a 'Right' to Health Care?

July 24: John Fund: Health Reform's Hidden Victims

July 24: Kim Strassel: How Obama Stumbled on Health Care

July 23: Betsy McCaughey: GovermentCare's Assault on Seniors

July 22: Michael Boskin: Obama Needs a Move to the Middle

July 22: Bobby Jindal: How to Make Health-Care Reform Bipartisan

July 17: Kim Strassel: The Grassley Test

July 15: Philip K. Howard: Health Reform Requires Lawsuit Reform

July 15: Thomas Szasz: Universal Health Care Isn't Worth Our Freedom

July 1: George Newman: Parsing the Health Reform Arguments

June 29: Scott Harrington: Reform Needs Healthy Life Incentives

June 26: John Calfee: The Dangers of Fannie Mae Health Care

June 25: Scott Gottlieb: Government Health Plans Always Ration Care

June 24: Robert Reich: Why We Need a Public Health-Care Plan

June 23: Mark Sklar: A Doctor's Reflections on Health-Care Refor

June 22: David Rivkin and Lee Casey: Is Government Health Care Constitutional?

June 19: Betsy McCaughey: Dissecting the Kennedy Health Bill

June 19: Kim Strassel: Mr. Burd Goes to Washington

June 18: Daniel Henninger: 'Public Option': Son of Medicaid

June 17: Holman Jenkins: The Death and Life of Health 'Reform'

June 15: Scott Harrington: The 'Public Plan' Would Be the Only Plan

June 12: Kim Strassel: Democrats and the Health Tax Taboo

Jun 12: Steven Burd: How Safeway is Cutting Health-Care Costs

June 9: David Gratzer: Canada's ObamaCare Precedent

June 5: Betsy McCaughey: Obama's Voodoo Health Economics

May 20: Grace-Marie Turner and Joseph R. Antos: The GOP's Health-Care Alternative

May 15: Peter Orszag: Health Costs are the Real Deficit Threat

May 14: John Lechleiter: Health-Care Reform and the 'Innovation Test'

May 12: Scott Gottlieb: How ObamaCare Will Affect Your Doctor

April 27: John E. Sununu: National Health Care With 51 Votes

April 17: Marc Siegel: When Doctors Opt Out

April 14: Kerry Weems and Benjamin Sasse: Is Government Health Insurance Cheap?

April 8: Jerome Groopman and Pamela Hartzband: Why 'Quality Care' Is Dangerous

March 14: Scott Gottlieb: Stem Cells and the Truth About Medical Innovation

March 12: Jerome Groopman and Pamela Harzband: Obama's $80 Billion Exaggeration

March 6: Sally Pipes: Health 'Reformers' Ignore Facts

February 26: Max Baucus and Edward Kennedy: We Cannot Delay Health-Care Reform

February 9: Nadeem Esmail: 'Too Old' for Hip Surgery

January 20, 2009: Scott Gottlieb: Congress Wants to Restrict Drug Access

January 8: Scott Gottlieb: What Medicaid Tells Us About Government Health Care

January 7: Tim Price: The GOP Should Fight Health-Care Rationing

December 30: Sally Pipes: Obama Will Ration Your Health Care

December 10: Ezekiel Emanuel and Ron Wyden: Why Tie Health Insurance to a Job?

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