Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Gun Control Laws Are Illogical

This weekend we all heard the shocking news from Israel that Itai Ben Dror stabbed to death his three young children "to save them from their mother." While obviously disturbed the many is probably not clinically insane and like will stand trial for the three murders.

That this happened in Israel and not in the US gives us some perspective. That Ben Dror used a knife instead of a gun allows us to make an analogy.

The liberal left gun control lobby would have a completely disarmed society. The arguments they user are specious at best and easily disproved with crime statistics from any city.

If this had occurred in the US and had involved a gun, we would be hearing calls from the liberal left to severely restrict or even outright ban gun ownership. Let's make some analogies.

"Ban All Knives"  - even kitchen knives and table knives. Oh, and letter openers and ice picks too because they are knifelike and can be used as a weapon.

"Make All Knives Dull". Make sure that kitchen knife can't accidentally be used to kill your baby. File down the edges so they are very dull.

"Knives Can Be Made Only Of Flexible, Soft Materials". Make sure that even if you miss a spot in your filing down of the edges, the blade will bend harmlessly when it pokes something.

"REgister all knives". Knives are dangerous and can be used to kill babies. To be sure that doesn't happen, your steak knife must be registered with the US Knife and Sharp Things Administration. This includes your razors and box knives too.

"Before Owning A Letter Opener, Buyers Must Wait 30 Days and Undergo A Criminal Background Check".

"No Knife Shall Be Concealed". All knives, even  a pocket knife, cannot be concealed. Pocket knives have to be hung from a lanyard or chain around your neck.

"Replacement Blades for Box Knives and Razors Must Be Serialized ad Registered."  If we have to serialize and register ammo, then replacement cartridges for knives also must be serialized and your purchase registered.

Do you kind of get the idea this is a stupid idea? Do you really think that most law abiding citizens will buy knives if they have to go through this kind of crap? And do you think that these idiotic regulations will make any difference to criminals, who could not care less what any law says, and is why they are 'criminals'!

Gun control merely controls law abiding people who don't NEED to be controlled. More people are killed by lightning strikes each year than by accidental gunshot wounds. More people are killed in car wrecks each year than are murdered by guns. Yet we don't outlaw cars or regulate lightning.. 

Gun controls is silly and flawed. The more citizens own and know how to use guns, the safer we all will be.

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