Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Social "Services" Bureaucracies Are A Waste Of Taxpayer Money

How can so-called 'professionals' miss cases like these? Stupendous failures evidence clear mismanagement and ineptitude. They also point to the deeper truth: That the taxpayer would be better off with no such 'social services' agencies and dealing with family issues privately or through the courts. Making a family issue a state issue relieves the family of responsibility that they should have in such situations.

Ben Dror was a known psychotic and violent man with multiple incidents on his records. Yet despite the mother's protests and these facts of the case, he was given visitation rights for his three small children, who he brutally stabbed to death this weekend.

Little Nixzmary Brown weighed only 36 pounds when her mother and stepfather killed her in a torture session after months of similar torture. Despite earlier abuse incidents, ACS failed to withdraw Nixzmary from the home, which allowed more abuse to occur, leading to her death.

Jaycee Dugard, kidnapped and forced for 18 years to be the sex slave and bear 2 children for kidnapper.
How could the parole officers assigned to Philip Garrido fail to check his house and yard? How could they fail to follow up on women and children who were not his wife or his known offspring in his home and traveling with him?

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