Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All-In-one Fax to Senators during Lame Duck: Just Say NO

To: Senator
Subject: Bills in Lame Duck to Vote No

I strongly encourage you to vote NO on the following legislation when it is brought forward for cloture or vote in the 111th Congress lame duck session.

START Treaty
The START Treaty proposed by this administration is controversial and undermines our current nuclear weapons status in several critical ways. This treaty deserves full consideration in the 112th Congress, not this lame duck session.
  • The treaty could lead to more nuclear weapons, not less
  • Undermines America’s missile defense capability
  • Favors the Russians
  • Severely weakens America’s security

S-787 – Clean Water Restoration Act (CLEAR, LOST)
  • Removes royalty incentives and relief for deep-water production
  • Backdoor Cap and Trade legislation
  • Decisions will be guided by the Rio Declaration of 1992, requiring no scientific proof of threats or damage to justify corrective action (penalties, fines)
  • Affects all air space above the oceans, and what operates in, through, on or is derived from underneath the water
  • Backdoor enactment of the Law of the Sea Treaty without proper Senate vote
  • Subjects the above to taxation as a “world resource” under UN Agenda 21 Law of the Sea Treaty

DREAM Act (Amnesty)
  • Retroactively repeals ban on in-state tuition for illegal aliens
  • Discriminates against legal U.S. citizens and residents
  • Requires DHS to award amnesty to every illegal alien claiming to meet minimal criteria:
  1.      present in the U.S. for the last five years;
  2.      a U.S. high school diploma or GED, or admitted to a U.S. institution of higher learning; and
  3.      "of good moral character" with no more than 2 misdemeanor convictions.
  • Requires that amnesty applicants be under 35 years of age
  • Does not require any documentation or proof that amnesty applicants actually meet these minimal criteria.

S-510 Food “Safety” Modernization (Takeover) Act
  • S510 effectively implements NAIS (National Animal Identification System) for everything.
  • Tremendous amount of additional enforcement, requirements and control over processes and harvest - unnecessary and doesn't address the real problem (see below)
  • Backdoor UN standards: NAIS and GAP. FDA is instructed to follow all international agreements, including ‘guidelines and standards’ like GAP.
  • Overburden of paperwork: Most GAP certifying bodies have checklists about 25 pages long for growers to follow. Every step in GAP costs the grower of food money.
  • It subjects all farms that produce milk to risk assessment and management.
  • Exemptions can easily be taken away or modified without Congressional oversight through the regulatory process. Most farmers aren’t watching the Federal Register.
  • Redundant authority and abuse of power: FDA and USDA
Does not address the real causes of food contamination: sloppy import practices, lax and uneven application of FDA and USDA regulation, introduction of genetically modified organisms, and intrusive subsidies.


DISCLOSE is a corrupt and unconstitutional attempt to limit free speech. Campaign finance“light” should be “cast” equally without exceptions. This bill discriminates to allow certain political speech and suppress others. It is therefore unconstitutional.

  • It would tilt election outcomes by banning dissent
  • Supreme Court will reject DISCLOSE as free speech violation
  • Authors have created a convoluted judicial review process • Unions, union leadership and select big supporters are exempt
  • Illegally suppresses individual rights to privacy

S 3194 Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill
  • Forces every police officer and firefighter in the country under union control
  • Overrides state and local labor laws
  • Will lead to mammoth state and local expenses and tax hikes
  • Forces union nonmembers to accept public-safety union officials as their monopoly-bargaining
  • Most Americans are opposed to forced monopoly bargaining
  • Unions pressured House leadership to attach the House version to a defense appropriations bill so it would have to pass
  • Most Americans are strongly opposed to monopoly bargaining (forced unionism.)
  • This bill is widely perceived as a Big Labor power grab
The Mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, recently stated that struggling cities are "handcuffed" by public sector monopoly bargaining.

This bill certainly should not be considered in the current lame duck congressional session. It is appropriate to let the 112th Congress consider this bill fully.

Stop the Radical Nominations

Before the Senate are many nominations for federal appointments. Many of these are people steeped in radical thought and practice, and/or who are not qualified for the position.

Example: Goodwin Liu for federal judge, doesn't meet the ordinary standards for federal judges outlined by the American Bar Association

Example: Donald Berwick for Director of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, who is a strong proponent of socialized medicine and believes health care should redistribute wealth

Votes on each nominee should be suspended and each nomination taken up in order in the 112th Congress.

FCC Internet Reclassification / Takeover

FCC is attempting to reclassify the Internet as a public utility, paving the way for regulation and censorship. "Net Neutrality" is a misnomer; in practice this would undermine investment, disrupt the functioning of networks, and empower the FCC to be traffic cops for the Internet.

District court already opined that the FCC's takeover attempts are not legal (Comcast v. FCC). This takeover attempt severely undermines our first amendment freedoms of speech and assembly. Nonetheless, the FCC is aggressively attempting "backdoor legislation" - by regulation - circumventing any vote or oversight by Congress.

Please do not allow the FCC to distort the law and take extreme measures to seize regulatory control of the Internet.  I urge you to do everything necessary to stop the FCC, including co-sponsoring and voting for legislation which would prohibit the FCC from regulating the Internet.

Cap and Trade / American Power Act

This legislation represents the single largest redistribution of wealth since FDR’s time, but this time redistributing America’s wealth to third world countries. This legislation will strangle our society and ruin our economy. 
  • Much larger federal bureaucracies with attendant costs and regulations
  • Massive loss of American jobs as industry flees these regulations
  • Politicization of the allowable cap and the beneficiaries of the trade
  • Massive loss of wealth
  • Massive loss of capital for business
  • Loss of personal freedoms as government control spreads into personal choices
  • Inability of middle and low income earners to afford subsistence levels of energy (electric power, heating oil, and gasoline) as production costs increase
This legislation does not solve any problem with global greenhouse gas emission. Why?
First, cap and trade only applies to those Western countries that voluntarily sign on. Developing countries like China, a manufacturing mega-power, could continue to spew pollution from factories with no restrictions.
Second, Europe has already adopted it, and it’s made no significant difference in pollution levels.  
Cap and trade is a very dangerous policy. I urge you in the strongest terms to vote NO on any cap and trade bill.

EPA Clean Air Act

Stop the EPA from imposing regulations on carbon or greenhouse emissions under the Clean Air Act, circumventing the power of Congress. I urge you to do everything necessary to stop the EPA, including co-sponsoring and voting for legislation which would prohibit the EPA from imposing such regulation.

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