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Comments on WSJ article, "The Special Assistant for Reality"

The Special Assistant for Reality

Obama needs to hear a voice from outside the presidential bubble.


The article, by Peggy Noonan, is cr@p. The comments on the article, however, are excellent.

William Falzone wrote:

Awrggh!!!!! President Obama has lost touch with reality? Really? Ms. Noonan, did you just now figure that out? The most liberal member of the Senate, a person who sat through Reverend Wright's tirades week after week and absorbed it, let his family be present during it, who called Bill Ayres a friend, you thought this was someone grounded in reality, but now has lost it? Did you really just come to this conclusion? Methinks you need to take a hiatus from writing and get out among the American people yourself.

As for the airport screenings and the disgust from those subjected to such indignities, you miss the point here also. We who travel by air instinctively understand that TSA's procedures are not just invasive, they are futile. TSA treats every traveler as posing equal risk to hijack a plane, to carry a bomb aboard. Yes, I know, that eighty year-old grandmother over there might just, possibly, potentially, in our wildest nightmares, be carrying a bomb. But how many have tried? None, to my knowledge. And the mother traveling with two small children? The teenage girl with her Hannah Montana tee shirt? Not likely. How about the twenty something man standing in line with a one-way ticket, nervous, looking back and forth as if he had something to hide, sweating. Maybe we should check him? Strip search him? You betcha.

Because, by treating all as equally dangerous, TSA's resources are spread thin, looking at people who are obviously of no threat. And that makes it more, not less, dangerous to fly.

The terrorists will not again try a shoe bomb, a liquid bomb, an underwear bomb. Why? Because they know we are looking for those THINGS. That we have our resources concentrated on THINGS, not people who are suspect. They will try something else. And we travelers know that TSA screenings are useless, that the next bomber will get through because they are one step ahead of TSA. And that makes us mad, angry. I would submit to any search procedure if I thought it was necessary, needed to protect my family and fellow travelers. But not when it is invasive, undignified and at the same time utterly useless.

To see stupidity, practiced over and over again, and be subjected to it, would get anyone mad, angry. Why cannot Obama, Napolitano, any of the idiots in DC see this?


Peter Furman replied:

Obama is the icing on a cake that has been baking for 45 years.

Can anyone actually say with a straight face that the quality of life in America has not been destroyed?

I don't judge quality of life based on money and power but too many do. This decline started arguably with the non-election of LBJ. He was the guy who sent 50,000+ American kids to die in a war that "was not a war". He of social programs we could not afford forgot(nah) that war must be approved by Congress. His maniacal Presidency brought us Richard Nixon and the rest is history.

Quality of life for me consists of freedom, opportunity, security and a future for myself and my family. I am more than willing to take responsibility for myself and my loved ones but,in return I expect the "system" to make sure the playing field is level.

There was a time, in my lifetime when anyone who wanted to work could find work. There was a time when a home was within the reach of most. There was a time when our kids went to school without having to pass through a security system. There was a time that if we honored our part of "the contract" we could look forward to a reasonable old age. There was a time when most got at least two paid weeks of vacation. There was a time when "families" were not disposable and you didn't dare get too smart with a teacher. There was a time when most lived with "the fear of God". There was a time when America had a middle class and a vibrant growing economy. There was a time when "made in America" meant the very best and "made in China","made in Japan" made in "India" was a joke, an insult, a piece of junk that "wiggled down a wall."

We all have an obligation to prepare ourselves the best we can to contribute to society in whatever way we can. In the end it is all about the ECONOMY". Bill Clinton for all his despicable behavior got it right"it's the economy stupid". The foundation for all of the above starts there.

Many millions came here for a shot at the "American Dream". Many got a piece of what was not available to them before. We worked hard for that piece and many died protecting it.
I remember when the worlds steel production was done here. I remember when it was exported and no one would accept it. Rather than re-train,re-educate,move on many sat and refused to accept a new reality. Cities went bankrupt,many were unemployed. Whereas America once saw change as a challenge,it now was led into a slow but inevitable decline.
Who is responsible? Who makes domestic policy?,foreign policy?,social policy in America? The answer of course is those we elect to make decisions,make decisions based on information and supposed expertise that they swear they have. Democracy is about government that represents the people. When was the last time that they did that?

The oil embargo,rampant inflation,the Iranian revolution,the S+L crisis,war after war. Who is supposed to be proactive to meet these life changing events? The crisis we are in is four+decades in the making but not one"Chief "executive,not one Administration developed an energy policy,a foreign policy,an economic policy to deal with the inevitable.
All of this leads to Obama. All of this has happened before. Germany was in financial chaos when Hitler came to power. The Bolshevik Revolution was the result of desperate times. Hussein, Castro, and the little guy in South America are products of economies gone bad.

Obama doesn't care about Democracy! His policies are extreme left and he violates the Constitution, Due process, Capitalism and our inalienable rights on a daily basis.

Redistribution of income is Socialism, Redistribution of health care is Socialism. The government abuse of taxation and the intrusion into all areas of the economy is outrageous.

If nothing else the Constitution was written to protect the people from exactly what Obama brings to the table. To think that Obama doesn't have an agenda, an ideology that is Un-American by definition and deed is just dumb.


Krishnan Chittur wrote:

Earth to WSJ, Earth to WSJ - Obama does not care for reality. Obama knows exactly what he wants and please do not misinterpret his actions/policy as anything but deliberate.

Obama is driven by internal demons that requires that we the people be humiliated and reminded of our sins of our fathers and ancestors. See everything he does from this prism "US of A is bad, the people are bad - they need to be punished."

And hence - the pork stimulus bill, the Cap And Trade, the Health Care take over, the criticism of our friends and solace to the enemies ... it goes on and on ...

His condescension is obvious - his hatred towards this country is subtle at times and very explicit when he is talking to friends - i.e. those who still think he is God and will remain God.


Peter Venetoklis wrote:

Ms. Noonan touched upon the crux of Obama's problems in the first line of her fictitious dialogue - the "right wing websites ginned this up" bit.

The administration and the liberal establishment have been pushing this theory that the opposition to the President's agenda is not real, that it's not "grass roots," that it's not out there in the Average Joes of the nation.

They want to believe that all the noise is being created and advanced by a relative handful of right-wing bloggers and pundits, and of course Fox News, and that if the noise wasn't there, the opposition to what Obama is trying to do would evaporate, and we'd all be hopping on board the Hope and Change bandwagon and thanking our lucky stars that the Chosen One has come to fix all our problems.

Of course this is all nonsense. To presume the historic defeat the Dems suffered is merely the product of rabble-rousing by a handful of noisemakers is to disavow the idea that any president can ever have a "popular mandate" from an election - exactly the thing that Obama's followers presumed from his victory and used as the logic for their massive expansion of the government.


James Alexander wrote:

“…what I think we all agree Mr. Obama badly needs, is an assistant whose sole job it is to explain and interpret the American people to him.”

This whole column is based on the assumption that Our Savior is at all concerned about how the citizenry feels and what it thinks. Obama has spent his entire term demonstrating that he couldn’t care less. Obama has his own agenda and values that are far afield from those of our country. The office of the Presidency and the “huge apparatus” that comes with it aside, this is someone who is intent on living in his own private bubble. Is Peggy Noonan herself really that unaware?

We need a President with a connection to the values and concerns of the American people far more than we need someone to explain and interpret the American people to Mr. Obama.


Inhee Kim replied:

Peter, your comment reminds me of CS Lewis' quote:
“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”


Ray Boyd replied:

Yes, Peggy is that unaware, but unfortunately a lot of people are. It's like we can't imagine how someone elected president could be like this, which I suppose understandable. We all grow up in a nice country, go to high school, people are nice, they care about what's good for America. We can't imagine someone who is not like this. Peggy's comment on what Obama badly needs fits this perfectly - Obama really WANTS what's good for the people, he just doesn't know how to do it. What poppycock, unfortunately. There are a lot of people in the world who don't want America to succeed, but it's very rare that one is able to end up in the presidency. It's probably never happened before.

I personally think this is why the Founding Fathers wanted presidents to have BOTH parents be U.S. citizens. It appears this is what the definition of Natural Born Citizen was 230 years ago. That's been lost over time. It seems Obama is definitely loyal to the country of his father, and the rest of the world, more so than America.


Carlos Sierra replied:

Obama is an alien. Let the removal process begin.

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