Monday, December 6, 2010

Stop Government! Take Action to Restore our Republic

Stop Government

Take Action to Restore our Republic
Contact Senators Now & get others to do the same!

For this week's Senate schedule 12/6/10. -- our last chance to stop these bills.
They WILL be pulling out all the stops to pass these.

Don't Ask Don't Tell looks to be on the Defense Appropriations Bill also for this week. No sample letter for it yet but you all know what to do.

Don't forget the FCC is going to do its best to takeover the Internet while we're watching the Senate.

In the next two weeks every minute counts.
Get people to contact ALL Senators now - fax and phone call work best.

Here is a list of Targeted Blue Dog and RINO Senators phone & fax numbers D.C.

Republican repeat offenders to target:
Olympia Snowe
Lisa Murkowski
Lindsey Graham
Scott Brown

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