Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Communism in America: The Democrat Party and the US Government

Communists are all over the place in government. They hide. They proselytize and make it look so appealing. If you don't believe this, listen to this podcast. If you think this is right-wing blathering claptrap and there are no communists in government, then you REALLY need to listen to this podcast. You will be stunned to find out how many admitted communists there are in our government; and how many more are communists but hiding their beliefs. Especially those who are in high positions of power in the federal government. The podcast goes into the godlessness of communism and why communism is so bad. The best way to spot communism is to read the words of communists themselves: check out www.cpusa.org (the Communist Party USA). They are proud of their communism and are selling these ideas as fun, peaceful and sensible things. People are easily taken in by these sales tactics. People who trust the Democrat Party are already fooled. There is no difference between the Democrat Party and the Communist Party. The two are aligned on all points. Trade unions have become trusted entities but are and always have been communist constructs. They have no business being in politics; they are supposed to represent the "workers" (a communist concept in itself). Listen to the podcast and find out more.


Part 1

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