Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Listen Up Little Patriots! Official Tea Party Patriots Coloring Book!

Listen Up, Little Patriots! Here's Something Fun!
The Official Tea Party Patriots' Coloring & Activity Book

Tea Party Patriots is proud to present the Tea Party Patriots' Coloring and Activity Book for children. This is a perfect gift for the little Patriot, full of puzzles, games, and songs designed to teach and inspire pride in their heritage as an American. It introduces children to the Tea Party Patriots' core values and how they can become involved in preserving the liberty our Founding Fathers enshrined for We the People.

Inspired by the principles of Freedom and Liberty immortalized in the United States Constitution the 36 page book is complete with games, puzzles, mazes, activities and denotes a historical perspective on the tea party movement. The book includes a simple and fun emphasis on fundamental freedoms and is part of a long term effort to educate the next generation of children on the basics of American liberty.

This commemorative and historical children's book costs under $5.00 (even less in quantity) and can be purchased from Tea Party Patriots by clicking here .

The books can also be purchased by local coordinators in bulk at a discount and sold as a fundraising tool for the local chapter. Learn more.

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