Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Net Neutrality" Is Anything But Neutral

From http://www.teapartypatriots.org

"Net Neutrality": Anything But Neutral

Net neutrality is an innocuous sounding term for what is really media Marxism. This is an ideological attempt by those on the left to control the greatest means for the distribution of information ever devised. It provides a playing field which the government does not control, and this is immensely troubling to those on the left.

There are two pieces to net neutrality:

Equal Access: Equal access says that everyone should always have equal priorities to the flow of information on the internet. In practice, this means that if I am updating my Twitter account, and my neighbor is downloading a movie, he shouldn't have access to more bandwidth than me. Right now, the large providers manage access, with some handling over one million URL requests a second. They are doing a phenomenal job. Net neutrality would prevent them from doing so, and would essentially "socialize" the internet.

This would also create some horrendous situations with the providers being unable to provide more bandwidth and priority to a hospital downloading an emergency transmission of an MRI, than they provide to me while I update my Twitter feed. We are obviously against this.

Equal Rates / Equal Service: Proponents of net neutrality are also trying to stop providers from offering "tiered" service plans. Think "first class," "business pricing plans for phone service etc." According to proponents, under net neutrality, everyone has to be charged the same, and provided the same services. This is the antithesis of capitalism, and would result in the stifling of technology development. Providers spend billions developing the technology; it is their right to charge as they see fit, and to create pricing plans that serve the needs of real customers in a real marketplace.

Our position is that net neutrality is simply government interference in the most important communications medium in history. Tea Party Patriots across the nation are very concerned about government regulation and interference in the internet, and we will be continuing to educate them about the reality of net neutrality, and the damage it will do to both the progress of technology and to the operation of the free market.

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