Sunday, September 18, 2011



1. President Clinton said President Obama's new jobs bill plan is a good plan.  He also goes on to say that if Congress stands the way of passage it will give Obama a campaign platform that will give him a win. THINK about this.

2. Here is a great article by Dr. Coffman.   I shared this very same information with you in a previous email.  The thought is if/when the economy crashes there will be no money.  Carbon credits left over at the end of the month will not be carried over. They will just be gone.  Like minutes on your Verizon Cell Phone account.  This way no one can accumulate ANY wealth at all.  Anyone that does not think Agenda 21 will control EVERY aspect of your life has not been paying attention.  

3. The latest from Henry Lamb.  Some good examples of how Agenda 21 is tromping all over our Constitutional rights.  

4. Undermining parental rights in CA.  Remember another tentacle of Agenda 21 is to strip parents of all rights to make decisions for their children.  We will be reduced in the future to nothing more than breeders for the government.  The government will decide through testing which babies live and which babies do not.  How many children you can have and who can have children and who can not.  Sounds sick and it is. But it is another reality of our future if we allow Agenda 21 (and the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child) to continue.  Every time we hand over small freedom it opens the door for the government to take another step closer to complete control.  This was sent to me by K.B.

5. Think the FDA is your friend?  Well think again.  It is looking more and more each day like we have no friends in government.  Thanks again to K.D. for sending this video.

6. Newt Gingrich talks about the UN Agenda21 at a Tea Party Townhall in Florida. I don’t like or trust him, but I appreciate the fact that he is addressing the issue.

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