Monday, September 19, 2011


Tips on dealing with an defeating ICLEI / Agenda 21 in town meetings etc. 
From Karen B. Always ask questions:
What facts support their conclusion?
This is one of my favorite experiments when they talk about GHG
Ask how do they know that co2 is a dangerous gas and must be regulated? What facts are they using? They will tell you co2 is a toxin and will kill the people and the planet.
If co2 is a toxin then will kill you if you breathe it?  They will say yes.
Tell them to put their hand over their mouth and nose and breathe.  If they are still alive in 5 minutes co2 has no effect.
If it was a toxin they would be dead.  Why are we regulating a GHG?

What is the cost of the project?
Who is paying? They will tell you that is a grant - Remind them that grant money is borrowed by the American people and would be better spend on helping the people living in cars and tents then on buying grass or planning for a village forty years from now. 
How do they know where people will want to live 40 years from now unless of course you are forcing them to live in a restricted area like a sustainable community?
What happens when the grant money is gone?
Who pays for the land taken off the tax roles?

The best event I heard was from Karen B who attended a county meeting whereby the commissioners were supporting sustainability.  She asked it they believed that if they wanted sustainability, then everything not sustainable was off limits. They agreed.  She then started reading the unsustainability list.  The commissioner then asked for a private meeting to understand this better.

You will find that once you start defining their words most people has a totally different understanding of what they are supporting.

General Overview: Bernie De Castro  YouTube


Summary:  Agenda21for Dummies


Climate and the fraud of Global Warming


When you talk to any elected official, stick to scientific fact and finances.
If you go to any meetings do not let the moderator divide you into groups. They do this to control the outcome. Tell them you want to hear what everyone is saying that you are united not divided. You need everyone's opinion. Make them give you examples of their words like social justice,  how does that work if social justice states that wealth is unacceptable? Everyone must have exactly the same thing. Are they willing to take in less fortunate and support them? Sustainability or Are they willing to give up their home? Salary, Car, Golf all unsustainable to name a few. Sustainability supports man made climate change, Can they prove that?  Scientists proved the the sun control the climate.

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