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Step by step, piece by piece, the Wildlands Project is coming to fruition.  The Project, foundational to the U.N.Biodiversity Treaty which was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, calls for approximately 50 percent of the United States to be set aside as "wildlands", where no human can enter.  Much has been accomplished over the past 10 years toward that goal, and the pace is stepping up, with the help of the federal agencies under Clinton/Gore.

Here is the North American wildlife corridor map:

The Bruntland Commission authored the Global Biodiversity Assessment, which is a directive on how land, water, living and mineral resources will be allocated in the "sustainable" global economy. The Wildlands Project describes how the US will be "re-wilded" into zones where human habitation and activity is either forbidden or highly restricted. This is the global "sustainable utopia" promised by UN Agenda 21.
Watch this video about The Wildlands Project. 

More from Citizen's Review Online about The Wildlands Project

"The Wildlands Project’s work to reconnect the continent begins with "MegaLinkages"—vast pathways that tie natural places together. Each MegaLinkage is made up of regional "Wildlands Networks." Within the Spine of the Continent MegaLinkage, six Wildlands Networks have been proposed, and within these networks, the Wildlands Project has launched a campaign to protect "Endangered Linkages"—the critical connection within each network that is most threatened."
Room to Roam - "Saving Wildlife Linkages along the Spine of the Continent

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