Thursday, December 1, 2011

The End Of The Ginger White Media Circus - Next!

Now that the media has used up another sap they'll slink off to Google Craigslist for the next one.

And so it ends. The latest accuser is a serial squatter and a certified liar. Cain is completely exonerated, as we knew he would be.

Ginger White's former lesbian lover comes forward saying that she and White's relationship lasted 13 years and only ended this year. Those are the same 13 years White says she was involved with Cain in an "inappropriate" relationship.

Anyone looking at Ginger White's story knew it was ridiculous. Ginger White was supposedly a businesswoman whose "business" from last year until early this year was fitness - teaching spin classes. Physical conditioning. Seriously? Is this the "before" pic?  

No, that pic is from last week. How many spin classes has she taught lately -- or ever taught? Does she look like a physical exercise professional? No.

A business that lasted only a few months -- from some time in 2010 to early 2011 -- doesn't qualify a person as a "business woman". Maybe a "failed business woman". The "business woman" description pushed in the media clearly is an attempt to legitimize Ginger White, as she is otherwise utterly devoid of credibility. It's yet another deception. 

While Ginger White isn't the "business woman" we were told, she does appear to have this feather in her cap: In April 2011 former "business partner" Kimberley Vay, a competitive body builder, sued Ginger White for publicly libeling her.. Earlier this year White sent out a mass email to all their clients defaming Vay. This was simultaneous with failure of their alleged "business partnership." Vay won the suit, meaning White had libeled her, and Ginger White agreed to a settlement but did not honor the agreement.  Vay won a default judgment in November 2011 - yes, just a few weeks ago.

According to the mass email Ginger White sent out to Vay's clients, "Vay preferred to date black men". Preferred to what? Dating Ginger White?  Where's the liberal media screaming "racist"?

What does Ginger White have to say about the libel case? "I admit it. Whatever happened with Kim and I happened."

Hmmm. Isn't this whole media frenzy about Ginger White preferring to date a black man? Can you say "hypocrite"? Hello, liberal media? (***crickets***)

The relationship between Vay and White doesn't sound like much of a "business arrangement" (except maybe "monkey business"), but it does sound a lot like White is a jilted lover. This so-called fitness business "partnership" also included a non-business "partnership".

One thing we do know with certainty about Kimberley Vay: Fitness is her life. One look will tell you. I definitely can see her in the fitness business.

Laura Reddy of ABC News found out in an interview with Kimberley Vay, White's former partner (and lesbian lover):

Note that this last bullet point happened less than a month ago. I'm sure that needing money hasn't figured into White's action to accuse Cain. Perish the thought.

White sounds like a perfectly honorable person of unimpeachable character! LOL

We've also learned through additional media reports that Ginger White:
So this month only, she's evaded a court order, been evicted, and felt she had to "step forward" against Herman Cain. Goodness, she sounds like a paragon of fiscal responsibility and virtue. (not)
What I want to know: (1) How much is she being paid, and (2) who is paying her. 

OK, I'll also mention the 800-pound gorilla since no one else will: Who and where is the baby daddy? They are not Cain's kids; so what other man or men was she having a sexual relationship with during the time she alleges to have had the Cain affair? And during the same 13 year period she was having a lesbian affair with Vay?

This woman Ginger White apparently is a sexual proficient - a real Energizer Bunny - if she could have an ongoing lesbian relationship, a heterosexual relationship with at least one man whose 2 children she bore, while simultaneously having a 13-year sexual affair with Herman Cain!


  1. OMG I am exhausted just thinking about all she had to do.

  2. I thought the same thing (that Vay & White were in a relationship) when I 1st read that story from ABC News. Then I read it again and I now think that it's just bad grammar.

    Nevertheless, the business relationship between Vay & White ended in 2010, I believe, which would NOT concur with your assertion that Vay & White were in a relationship during the same 13 year period as White claims to have been in a relationship with Cain.

    I don't really care how any of this turns out...I just wanted to alert you to the possibility that something you have here on your blog may not be true. Just trying to help. :) Feel free to remove my comment, if you wish. ;)

  3. We all know where these bogus claims are coming from. How could anybody in their right mind align themselves with a political party that stoops this low in order to discredit somebody ? The dumbocrap party should disband and leave the country. How can they even look someone in the eye anymore. Shame Shame Shame !!! And while the "media" is looking for some dirt that is true why not try looking up OJUDAS queer lovers. Who is Reggie Love ? Check out his time at Harvard where 2 male students turned him in to college authorities about making homosexual advances to them. How about Larry Sinclair and a limo, cocaine and something involving participating in a homosexual affair. How about the choir director at the Unrev wrights "church" and queer dating service. What about the other two queer lovers and the choir director who were found murdered execution style right before the 2008 election. How about looking into that ? Or have you determined that not news worthy ???? Come on "media"...what say you ?

  4. All I can say is: Can I get a witness?!

  5. The great thing about this is, there is more circumstantial evidence, as you have presented here, to indict her than there is to indict Herman Cain. Wow. Nice Job.
    -Joseph Kurt, host of The Joseph Kurt Show on and NewsRadio 94.3WSC


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