Sunday, March 11, 2012

How To Ensure Illegal or Duplicate Voters Are Minimized

How To Ensure Illegal or Duplicate Voters Are Minimized 

Here is something that everyone can do locally to help insure that illegal or duplicate voters are kept to a minimum.

  1. Go to the County Clerks office and request a copy of the Registered Voters for your County ( it’s a Public Record ). 
  2. Request a copy of the resident tax payer rolls in your County complete with the street addresses. 
  3. Go to your Local Post Office and ask if anyone on the taxpayer list list has moved since the last election. 
  4. Go to your District and Local Court Clerks Office and ask for a list of the people who have disqualified themselves from Jury Duty for cause like ’not a citizen’, ’moved from area’, things like that. 
  5. After that take the combined lists of those you have found ineligible have them notarized in triplicate and send them first class return receipt requested to Local and State election officials, and hand carry them to the Local Election Officials and get a receipt acknowledgement of delivery to those officials and have them check and correct the Registered voter rolls. 
  6. This is extremely helpful in stopping illegals from voting in multiple precincts when the state election officials are involved. 

The gloves are off for this cycle. We need to block the corrupt practices we experienced in the last elections.

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