Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hope-N-Change: "Preparing workers" for a "sustainable economy"

A recent article in the Asbury Park Press touted "preparing workers" for a new green "sustainable economy."

What is meant here by "sustainable" is NOT what you and I would normally think of as "sustainable"  -- as in an effort or process that can self-sustain for however long the originator and/or owner intends. 

"Sustainable" here means "not acting unless taking the world, forever, into consideration" -- and we do mean "the world." The "sustainability" requirement isn't met if your asset or process detracts from any other person on Earth. Even if you don't know about them. 

If you own a home, for example, that detracts from everyone else on Earth that can't afford to (or doesn't want to) own one. If you have 100 acres of land, then that's not sustainable, because other people in the world can't own private property, and so you can't, either. And you can't own a car, have a single-family home, grow your own vegetables or meat, can't hunt or own firearms. And so on. 

So, "sustainability" means "social justice" which means "redistribution of your wealth" which is "socialism and totalitarianism" which means, for Americans, a third-world economy, tyranny, poverty and mass starvation. 

It's a very low bar to set -- but hey, it's "sustainable" because everyone can certainly achieve this, the most-low rung of human existence:  starvation, disease, exposure to the elements, death. 

It is not the intent of the global elites to kill all of us. They need a minimum population -- between 500,000 and 2 million -- to continue to service them. That number is considered "sustainable". It's also easy to keep under control. 

This project will come to fruition at the Rio+20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro this June. 

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