Tuesday, April 17, 2012

National Agenda 21 Newsletter4-16-12

Many of the comprehensive plans being created AND the rules for applying for HUD Sustainable grant money reference the LIVABILITY PRINCIPLES.  So I have attached the report that will explain them to you.  Take notice to Ray LaHood's definition of LIVABILITY.  In America 2050 they discuss 12 mega-regions for the US.  This is why transportation is a big issue with these planners.  Of course they don't tell us the truth about why they want alternative methods of transportation but the push for high speed rail is to connect the 12 mega-regions. 
America 2050
Livability Research Paper
See attachment
Partnership for Sustainable Communities
Supporting Sustainable Rural Communities
Partnership for Sustainable Communities Website
Our friends in Benicia, CA battle to convince their City Council about Agenda 21/ICLEI.  As you can see they are making headway but still have an uphill battle.  Remember you must stay diligent.  It takes time to bring these people around.  Don't pound them with a ton of information.  Take it in steps.  Bring them along gradually.  I believe in time this Tea Party team in Benicia will get these council members on their side.  Persistence!!

UN Launches Initiative to Promote Role of Law in Advancing Sustainable Development.  I sent this out last week but I feel it needs to go out again.  I am sure there are some that did not see it.  This is not good.  A complete withdrawal of the US from the UN must be a top priority of our next President.  There is only one candidate that vows to withdraw the US from the UN and he has my vote!!!  To me there is nothing more important to our future as a nation.  We don't have to worry about Iran and a nuclear weapon.  Our government is LYING to us about Iran.  The UN is the biggest threat to this country.

Americans do not want to live in Ray LaHoods car free utopia.  

What if Government Rejects the Constitution?  This is an excellent article.  Pay close attention to what it says about war.  If you believe what is said in this article  (And I do) then you better do some real soul searching about the candidate you are supporting for the Republican nomination.   .  

BIKE TO WORK DAY - You are gonna love this one.  I love the way this article mentions that most people live 10-25 miles from work and riding your bike to work just won't work in the USA.   Once they force us all into the stack and pack 400 sq. ft. condo in the city we won't even need a bike to get to work.........we will be able to walk.

Get on the side of Liberty.  We can't afford anything less.  WE MUST elect a Constitutional statesman and there is only one.  Perfect?  No.  But I will take his flaws as compared to the other Globalists that are in this race.  We need to stick with 1 single priority.....RESTORE our Constitution.  If we don't this country WILL eventually fall.  

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