Sunday, April 22, 2012

NJ Draft State Development and Redevelopment Plan


With credit to Morris Patriots for assembling much of this information
As many of you know, the final "redline" revision of the Draft Final State Strategic Plan / New Jersey's State Development & Redevelopment Plan (Rev. 11/14/11) ...was scheduled for release the week ending April 13 - Now groups are being advised it will not be released for review until "early the week of April 16".
The State Planning Commission is scheduled to vote to adopt this [terrible] plan on April 25.  Every concerned activist in the state should be contacting the Governor, Lt. Governor, State Planning Commission and EVERY municipal and county official about YOUR concerns over this plan.

Contact Information
  1. Email Governor Christie at    --Select "Economic Growth" as Topic and proceed.
  2. Call Governor Christie at 609-292-6000

Suggested wording for NJ State Development and Redevelopment Plan:
Governor Christie, The NJ State Development and Redevelopment Plan accelerates the transfer of taxpayer dollars from suburban and rural taxpayers to urban areas, does not explicitly protect citizens' property rights, encroaches on local autonomy and targets economic growth/jobs to urban areas. Only 6 public hearings were held for 21 NJ counties. I request that more public hearings are held, at least 1 per county, with a six-month delay on any final draft proposal, so citizens can learn about and comment on a Plan that significantly impacts them. Thank you.

  • Do your freeholders or municipal officials know how the pending State Development Plan will affect their local planning and zoning? 
  • Why do the WORDS of the Plan not match up with what we're being told is the intent of the plan? 
  • The plan is supposed to return more decision-making authority to municipal and county agencies . . . but that's not what it SAYS.  
  • Read for yourself - go to the NJ State Plan page.
The State Plan language borrows heavily from Agenda 21 Sustainable Development and Smart Growth concepts.
Learn more about Agenda 21 here.

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