Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Taxing Carbon and Rainwater Gaining Popularity

Taxation of carbon and rainwater gaining popularity as revenue-generators around the world. 

It's sickening and disgusting to tax rainwater use -- as we have no control over that. And water itself -- fresh water like rain -- is essential for plant growth and all life.  

It's genocidal to tax carbon -- as we are all carbon-based life form and our natural life processes (breathing) exudes carbon. 

So why don't Gaia worshipers tax, say, trees for drinking fresh water through their roots, or tax cattle for passing methane, a greenhouse gas? It would make as much sense. But trees and cattle aren't revenue sources, so they are left alone -- for now. 

The basis, of course, for such life-hostile taxation is that humans are hostile life-forms to Gaia and must be reduced drastically in numbers. That is indeed the position of radical environmentalists, who look upon humans as parasites on the earth. 

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