Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is a State Mobility (Transit) Plan In Your Future?

This document is from the EPA, HUD, CalTrans, etc. It spells out the mobility plan for California’s future. Cars are not in the plan, which calls for Regional and Interregional planning. Calif. is the test bed for exporting this to other states. If you think this is NOT in your state already, think again.
Check it out in New Jersey -- see below from the NJDOT web site. What other states are in the bag for this? Note CHRISTIE and GUADAGNO are all for this strategy. Christie is NOT a conservative -- neither is Guadagno, as his potential successor should he leave NJ for a federal role in the Romney administration.
New Jersey FIT (Future In Transportation) - Route 1 Regional Transportation Strategy (Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset counties)
  "Eliminating inefficient sprawl development is one of the goals of the Route 38 Smart Growth Planning Initiative."

No Smart Growth plan is worth the name without "Complete Streets" - NJ is no exception.