Saturday, May 19, 2012

Guest Post: Robert Quinn -- "Open Letter to Karl Rove"

October 25, 2011
Dear Mr.Rove,

      Yesterday, I received many e-mails attributing the below quote to you and so I am taking the liberty of responding to you directly.
     "Yes, he was born in the United States and yes, he is eligible to serve and Perry, Trump and others should stop associating themselves with this idiotic fringe group of birthers."
     -  Karl Rove, October 24,2011
       I have been writing about this issue for almost three years. Those challenging Obama's Presidential eligibility, originally small in number, now number many millions. They are not a "fringe" group by any measure. Since you caution all not to associate with the"idiotic fringe group of birthers", I would like you to know that a few thousand of those "idiotic" regularly accept my letters and I theirs,and they write with clarity, sincerity, passion and factually. For your information, they include approximately ten Generals, three Admirals, over one hundred Colonels,Majors and Lieutenants, hundreds of Non-Commissioned Officers, Senators, Representatives, a Rhodes Scholar, Tea Party members, Attorneys and Plaintiffs involved in this issue, others whose titles should be "Defenders of The Constitution" and last, but not least, a few Presidential aspirants. Funny, but none seem "idiotic" to me.
         By copies of this e-mail I will immediately advise all of your concern for their sanity. Seriously, it appears that you could benefit by turning the coin over and viewing the other side. To assist you in this regard I am following with copies of a few of my letters. I pray that they prove enlightening to you because your above remarks offered absolutely nothing to support your position on this issue. Talk is cheap....truth can be costly.
With Kindest Regards,
Robert Quinn

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