Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guest Post: Do You Really Think They Are All the Same?

Do You Really Think They are All the Same?

By John Anthony 

Guest Writer 
June 30, 2012 
However sincere the chorus:  "Romney is another press-selected, one-world-loving, establishment hack."  "I won't vote for him."  "I will vote, but won't donate."  "They are all the same." …the sentiment is unaffordable.

Mitt Romney was not my candidate.  Hell, he wasn't even on my long list.  But, the political model is changed in 2012. 

Progressivism has now so riddled the United States that nearly every media outlet, academic system, political and social entity, our children, our property, religious and speech rights, our capitalist system and even our military are inwardly withering.  The crossroads of socialism are in the rearview mirror.

Not only must we run with Romney, we must support that choice as though we were fighting for our last breath…because, we are. 

Barack Obama is a persuasive sociopath, hell-bent on shattering capitalism, shriveling middle class America, diminishing our living standards and jamming a jackboot full of liberty erasing regulations on the necks of every American that fails to pay him fealty. 

Mitt Romney is no Marxist totalitarian.  He will not knowingly nurture the crumbling of our private enterprise economy.  Mitt Romney is not Barack Obama.  

Bringing Mitt to the presidency will not cure America.  But, it will stop Obama and buy us the time to out-message the media, retake the GOP, re-establish constitutional values and take charge of our children's education.  

We are winning on many fronts.  The president is undoing himself as his lies double back in transparent ways even the press is not ignoring.  Public officials now recognize Agenda 21 and the true costs of regional planning and government grants.  We forced the UN to alter their climate change message to one of sustainable development, which played directly into our hands.  We have been covering sustainable development for two years! Citizens like the Sacketts and King County WA residents are fighting back against all-powerful federal agencies, and winning!  Constitutionalists by the thousands are showing up at public meetings and one by one, many are working their way into office.  We are winning by using the progressives' own long view tactics. 

We must get behind Mitt Romney and the House and Senate races with everything we have.  We will change America tomorrow.  Today, we must survive to fight another day.  

John Anthony

Barack Obama has transformed America, group by group into an infighting battlefield.  In November, conservatives, independents and liberals must unite to reject the shattering of our wonderful nation.

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