Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jihadists Complain To UN About Silly Film No One Has Seen

Mychal Massie, The Daily Rant:

It's being reported that the leaders of Muslim nations are telling the U.N. General Assembly that it should take up debate to make what they (Muslims) deem offensive, sanctionable.  That's right the pot wants the kettle held accountable for insulting Muhammad, their so-called prophet.

Their suggestion is empirical proof of how far they would attempt to go to silence free speech.  They sorta' remind me of Obama though he is a Neo-Leninist not a Muslim.

But I digress.

This is America and we reserve the right to say and insult whom we choose.  We have a document called the Bill of Rights.  Contained within same there are certain findings called Amendments.  The very first of these, appropriately enough called "The First Amendment," provides one of our most basic and fundamental Constitutional rights.

It is the "Right To Freedom Of Speech."

So take a hike Muslim leaders and U.N. General Assembly.  I reserve the right to use whatever language I please when referencing a pagan, pedophile heathen that conned his way into being a prophet.

How about Muslims stop butchering and murdering Coptic Christians and stop preaching world-wide conquest?  How about they stop calling for death to Israel?  How about they take some oil money and make really-really-really big donations to each family who lost someone on 9/11?  How about they call a press-conference that will be transmitted to the world from the U.N., and confess to all of the acts of terrorism committed world-wide in the name of their make-believe god, and apologize and promise that they will work to ensure not another such incident takes place?

That said, none of the aforementioned would be enough for me to give up my "Right To Free Speech."  Because if I give that up what will I have to give up next?  Will it be my right to freedom of worship and/or will it be my right to own and bear arms?

I say their suggestion is a slick way to deceive the world into capitulating to Islam.  I say, I'll stop telling the truth about Muhammad and his depraved debaucherous ways when Muslims stop lying about him.

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