Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Patriotic Jew- Collapse of the American Media

Collapse of the American Media
The corrupt mainstream media continues to be derelict of its duty in reporting accurate/fair news to the American people, and they are no longer even trying to hide, or conceal the fact that they have become willing participants of the Obama re-election campaign. The media now fully operates as an extension of the Obama administration, and there is a daily coordinated effort to distract, distort, and divert attention away from Obama’s failed economy & disastrous foreign policy in a deliberate attempt to keep the focus on smearing Mitt Romney in whatever means possible. They have to discredit & disqualify Mitt Romney because Obama simply cannot run based on his abysmal Presidential record alone which has been an epic failure, and he needs his media minions to do his bidding for him. The Marxist-Media complex having essentially merged with the Democratic Party, and this should send cold chills down every American’s spine, since government-media mergers are a key component for all tyrannical governments, and a necessary step for a nation that seeks to transform into Socialism/Communism. It is essential for the government to have complete dominion over the media in order to control the messaging/narrative of the way the news is being reported to ensure that they spin propaganda which favors government interests instead of protecting the uniformed citizens who sheepishly follow along. The entire goal of the “Obama Mania Media” is to advance the “Progressive Agenda” while simultaneously discrediting the opposition party with a relentless bombardment of negative news coverage, silencing dissenting voices that aren’t in lock-step with their ideology, and essentially demonizing all opposition that stands in the way of their objectives. The media in America has long been in bed with the Democratic Party, but what we are now witnessing is a complete metamorphosis into Socialism. The deception & manipulation which is occurring right here in America at this very moment is truly horrifying, and we are dangerously close to losing our free Republic unless “We The People” rise above this lunacy, and fight for our American ideals before it’s too late.
Ron Morganstern
Patriotic Jew- Collapse of the American Media

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