Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Jersey Conservatives/ Constitutionists/ Libertarians! Primary Candidates for YOUR CONSIDERATION

Thank you to our friends at TPATH and Team NJ for doing the lion's share of footwork compiling this awesome list and adding commentary. 


  For Monmouth County Sheriff- Mr. Dan Peters
  For Assembly LD-13- Mrs. Edna Walsh and Mr. Steve Boracchia
  For Senate LD-13 - Mrs. Leigh-Ann Bellew
  For Freeholder Monmouth County - Mr. Ed Pekarsky and Brian Largey
  For Governor- Mr. Seth Grossman

If you are a Constitutionalist, conservative or libertarian, and you are satisfied with the 0b@ma "bromance" and the direction of the the state, vote the Progressive Republican lineon Tuesday and certainly, you will get more of the same.

However, if you are not satisfied, find the Constitutional/conservative candidate in your district or county, and vote to begin the long job of righting this terribly listing ship.

IMPORTANT- Tuesday's vote is a primary.  Your vote WILL count.  
If you remain uninvolved you will remain unrepresented.

Constitutional/Conservative Candidates

Sheriff Candidates
Dan Peters, Monmouth County
Anthony Dilorio, Hudson County
Lt. Col. Bob Armstrong, Ocean County
Bill Moore, Burlington County
Patrick (Pat) Ciser, Passaic County

Senate Candidates
LD-13 Leigh-Ann Bellew
LD-37 Paul A. Duggan
LD-39 Gerald Cardinale (incumbent)
LD-39 Robert Auth

Assembly Candidates 
LD-4, John Lockhart (Incumbent)
LD-7  Connie Hare Murry
LD-7  Joe Siano
LD-8  Scott Fay
LD-8  Gary Jacques
LD-13 Steve Boracchia
LD-13 Edna Walsh
LD-27  Tayfun Selen
LD-36 Aharon Cohn
LD-36 Sam Krause
LD-40 Scott Rumana (Incumbent)

Joe McDevitt, (Atlantic Co.)
Lance Silver, (Burlington Co.)
Barbara Eames, (Morris Co.)
Stephen DeHart, (Morris Co.)
Ed Pekarsky, (Monmouth Co.)
Brian Largey, (Monmouth Co.)
Ira Geiger, (Union Co.)

GOP State Committee 
Dennis Mahon, Atlantic
Bill Haney , Burlington
Ashley Cameron, Burlington
Rae Rinaldi, Bergen
Steve Moss, Bergen
Donna Ward, Gloucester (incumbent)
Pat Rivera, Passaic
Jim Gasko, Passaic
Bader Qarmount, Sussex
Rick Shaftan, Sussex
Deborah Deluca, Sussex
Vikki Jennsen, Union
Catherine McCulloch, Morris
Carol Gallentine, Essex
Mikhail Zlotnikov, Essex
Ron Giordano, Salem
Joanne Cooper, Salem
Eric Dixon, Hudson

June 2, 2013 - We would like to apologize to our National readers for having focused much of our  latest postings and time on the New Jersey Republican Primary.  While we cover mostly major issues on a national scale, we are based here in New Jersey and this coming Republican Primary is of great importance.

Most of the candidates above are TeamNJ Candidates and are very proud to be part of this growing organization.  The concept for this movement is simple.  We look for conservative and Constitutional candidates, regardless of party affiliation and support them, if they agree to various proposed legislation prepared by TeamNJ associates.

This concept has spread to other states and if you would like to know more about it, please contact Mr. Nicholas Purpura at: eagle4260 at optonline dot net

June 2, 2013


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