Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Commentary about the immigration system in the United States

Commentary on the Immigration Situation in the US
By George Rodriguez, Raging Elephants Radio and South Texas Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots

Grassroots conservatives recognize there is a big need to fix the broken immigration system in the United States. However, unlike the liberals and Democrats, we do NOT believe in a “comprehensive” solution or approach.  We believe the immigration problems are complex and they need to be address issue by issue, point by point.

  1. We must first address the issue of border security and law enforcement. We must stop the flow of illegal entry into the U.S. before we discuss any further issue. The reason we have an immigration problem, is because we have too many illegal aliens in our country. We must first stop the flow and entry before we do anything else.
  2. We must review those industries that claim they need foreign workers to determine how to best address their needs so it does not impact negatively on American workers.
  3. Any foreign or guest workers program must be coupled with welfare reform because there are many able bodied Americans who could be working, but choose to be on welfare. Welfare benefits must be for the needy and American jobs must be Americans first and foreign workers second.
  4. We cannot let America become an “orphanage” to the world, where children are left at our doorstep to be raised by the tax payers. The “Dreamers” were brought to the U.S. as minors by alien adults who broke the law, and the American tax payer should not be left holding the bag. Dreamers should be give a onetime consideration based on their individual merits. After that, any minors brought here illegally must be returned to family in their country of origin.
  5. We must stop giving foreign assistance to nations that contribute our immigration problems. The American tax payer must NOT pay for foreign aid AND support the illegal aliens (Dreamers, criminals, detainees, whomever) in U.S. who are not accepted back by the nation of origin.  Those nations who are NOT willing to take back their criminal aliens must be charged by the U.S. for housing/jailing criminal aliens from their country.
  6. The entire immigration process and bureaucracy must be reviewed and revised to make it faster and fairer. Too many applicants are left in a bureaucratic limbo because of the process.
  7. We must review and clarify the 14th Amendment of the Constitution which some people feel allows automatic citizenship for anyone born in the U.S. regardless of the status of their parents. We feel the children of illegal residents should NOT receive automatic citizenship if born in the U.S.
  8. We oppose amnesty or a “pathway to citizenship” to anyone who willfully and willingly entered the U.S. illegally. We may consider supporting a temporary residence status, but not full citizenship which includes the right to vote.
  9. Immigration is NOT a Hispanic issue. It is not about race or ethnicity, but about the security of America’s borders which is the right of every nation. 
  10. We must not be frightened or be intimidated into accepting an ObamaCare style legislation that no one reads or understands.  

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