Friday, August 22, 2014

Debbie Wass-her-name Shultz Accidentally Tells the Truth About 0bama

Mental Midget Wasserman-Schultz can't keep her metaphor straight in this classic error, showing she absolutely, positively, has the IQ of a potato. Sorry to insult potatoes. 

From Independent Journal Review

We’re guessing that this was a mistake on her part, but that doesn’t mean that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL and DNC Chairwoman) wasn’t telling the truth:
(House Republicans) will be voting for the first time in American history to sue the President of the United States for doing his job.
And doing his job actually less often, and a rate that is lower than any President since Grover Cleveland.

It’s an interesting choice to compare Obama with Cleveland. Mostly forgotten, the Democrat Cleveland was well-known at the time for actively attacking the political machines of the day, was criticized for being an anti-cronyist who was very pro-marketplace instead of merely pro-business, lowered taxes, felt it was immoral for the federal government to take from some citizens to redistribute to others, and when unemployment was 18% his solution was to address inflation instead of meddle with business.

On the other hand, given the scandals over the IRS and Benghazi, the complete destruction of any sense of leadership in international affairs, a questionable economic recovery despite castigating business for immorality, that a percentage of Americans not working that is larger than ever before, and so on, it actually might be better for the country if Barack Obama worked even less.

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