Wednesday, August 20, 2014

News from South Texas: Courtesy of Raging Elephants Radio

News from South Texas
Courtesy of Raging Elephants Radio
Listen for more "El Conservador" at RER Central. 

Honduras' Ambassador visits see if the US is treating Hondurans properly!

Hypocrisy and Chutzpah Hit New Heights in South American Contingent 


Illegal Aliens involved in crime on the border
But they are just here for work - to do the jobs that lazy Americans won't do! 


Gang Violence on the Border

Another liberal do-gooder scheme gone wrong? No, a deliberate attempt to bring America down - starting with Texas 


Kidnappings in Mexico Affect the Border Situation 

The number of kidnappings in Mexico surge to the highest level EVER on record. So, tell me again why this cruddy 2-bit nation and its corruptocrats and cartels can tell the US anything about how to run a country? 


Pro-Illegal Immigration advocate detained
It's about time.  

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