Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Border Crisis, Nothing New to the Region, by George Rodriguez

The Border Crisis, Nothing New to the Region by George Rodriguez
Many journalists and politicians are surprised that the Texas-Mexico border is not very secure. This is nothing new to the residents of region who have been living with an unprotected border for over 150 years.
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo allowed for families and commerce to flow back and forth without much of a barrier. This has influenced the politics, economy, and culture of the region which has created an “open border” attitude among many people. This is why the Border region is plagued with problems today.  
Furthermore, large immigration “surges” like we see today are not new. The first large migration from Mexico was in 1910-20 during Mexico's Revolution. Almost a million Mexicans came to the Border States during that period. Most crossed illegally and no one said much because they mostly stayed in the Border region.
The next large migration was during the Bracero guest worker program in 1940-50. It allowed Mexican workers to come the U.S. to temporarily replace American workers who went off to war. Some Braceros went home as expected but many stayed, again, in the Border region.  
As the Mexican population grew, so did the media. In the 1960s, the first Spanish language TV station started in San Antonio. With many small Spanish language radio stations, and now a TV stations, broadcasting in the region the Spanish language and Latino culture became more "anchored" in the southwest. This created a further blur of a border because unlike European immigrants who left their culture and language behind, Mexican immigrants increasingly kept theirs.
As the American economy grew after WW II, commerce and illegal immigration grew, also.  However, it was still confined mostly to the Border region, and thus no one said much. 
In the 1970s, during the Chicano movement, many Mexican Americans rebelled against Democratic political bosses who used illegal aliens to control them politically and economically. Unfortunately, four decades later, Latino Democrats have become the new Democrat political bosses who control the region in the same manner.
Illegal immigration and contraband continued to grow with little notice or hindrance in the 1980s with the implementation of NAFTA, CAFTA, and other free trade treaties. These treaties sent mixed messages to Latin America and indirectly encouraged more illegal immigration and crime. Even the Spanish language media helped.
All the while, the Border has remained largely unprotected and open. The Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies have never had the resources to secure the Border.
South Texas has been affected by Border crime and illegal aliens for a long time. What is different are the overwhelming numbers, and the willingness by Democrats and liberals to openly promote and excuse illegal international behavior.  Today, it's not just Mexicans who are entering illegally, but the whole world. 
When I hear someone ask if the Mexican Border has ever been secure, I answer “no”. The border has never been secure. It should have been shut and protected after 1845. It is never too late, particularly when our national safety and sovereignty depend on protecting the Border.

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