Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Clinton Body Count

People who wander afoul of the Clintons and their foundation tend to die. Many have died of poisoning. Lead poisoning. Vince Foster, Seth Rich, and this fellow recently from Haiti, Klaus Eberwein. Mr. Eberwein was set to testify tomorrow against the Clinton Foundation. Ooops! That's apparently been a fatal decision for him. Mr. Eberwein was found dead with a suicide note that weirdly claimed that no foul play was involved and that his life insurance was running out so he decided to kill himself to collect on it. Yeah, sounds very normal, right?  Do you know of any life insurance policy that pays out on a suicide? I don't, either.

Mr. Eberwein had previously indicated his life was in danger. The Dade County, FL medical examiner said the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and ruled it a suicide.

It's worth reviewing the list of bodies associated with the Clintons and/or the Clinton Foundation. The link may not work (it was very slow to load) so the image is reproduced below. There is a lot of small print - apologies, I'm not the author. The important thing to notice is the sheer number of people who have ended up dead in suspicious circumstances involving the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, over several decades. It is a very, very good thing that there is no Clinton in the Oval Office today. 

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